Ogre Kingdoms basing update

This post is a little bit of house-keeping for the Little Death tribe.  As I’ve slowly been pottering my way through these mighty Ogresses, I’ve had a couple of really useful suggestions from readers.  Both Simonster and Iggykoopa30 suggested to put a bit of static grass to liven up the bases from their grey gravel, and so I duly borrowed Furycat‘s static grass and set to.  Sadly, I’m almost as dreadful specifically at applying said static grass to the bases as I am generally at making bases. Therefore, the result is less the marvellous grassy tufts that I’d dreamed of, and more piles of green fuzz dotted around the feet of each Ogress.  Actually, it doesn’t look too bad at table top distance, and it is definitely an improvement.  Thanks to all concerned.

Iggkoopa30 also suggested putting a little bit of white on the tips of the flames on my Leadbelchers.  Even in this hugely magnified photo it’s pretty hard to see, but again I think there is a bit of an improvement.  And I can hardly complain about the amount of work I had to put in.

I even added some static grass to the Ironblaster, but the contraption is so enormous that I could only find one spot on the whole base where it was feasible to get any down.

Right then, back to painting.  Next on the painting table: Mournfang Cavalry.

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