Firebelly conversion

My first ever foray into the world of resin miniatures is this Firebelly, and I was not disappointed by the detail.  There’s no two ways about this: the Firebelly is an amazing sculpt.  After doing the initial clean up work I tried to bend the wonky parts back to shape.  In this, I met with limited success, as the flame-holding arm went fine, but the knife and hammer handle were a bit trickier and didn’t quite straighten out.  I really only had one decision to make here, which was whether or not to ruin the fabulous miniature by adding my own sculpture on it.  In the fluff, Firebellies are itinerant prophets, not belonging to any tribe, so I could have justified it to myself to use the model as it was.  But in the end I thought ‘in for a  penny, in for a pound’ and went ahead with the Milliput anyway.  I had to redo the necklace as the original is now covered up by a large bikini.

I really like this miniature, and I’m really looking forward to painting it.  That’s all the conversions for the time being, so next up should be some painted Mournfang Cavalry.

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2 thoughts on “Firebelly conversion

  1. iggykoopa30

    Definitely looks like an amazing sculpt… I still haven’t tried any resin models since my attention has been on Warmachine / Hordes at the moment… I will, however, eventually get to try to paint one. I think the sculpting went well on here and I dare say I would have been disappointed had you decided not to go with the bikini… it fits the rest of your army! So I’m glad you decided to go ahead and do it… it definitely shows the work and detail you’ve put into the entire army. Can’t wait to see it painted!

    • Thanks for commenting. I agree with you. No matter how badly I did it, I would have felt like I’d copped out if I left the Firebelly as a boy. I’m really looking forward to painting this one, but there are some other Ogresses in the queue first.

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