More Leadbelcher conversions

The last two miniatures to prepare from my Ogre Kingdoms battalion box are a couple more Leadbelchers for the Little Death tribe.  I was going to do a command group, but Leadbelchers can’t have banners, and I don’t usually bother with a champion in the unit, so I’ve decided to leave it for now to think about a nice way to do a musician.  These are pretty much straight out of the box, with no spare parts from the new kits used.  Of course, I did my usual work adding breasts and hair, and  there are some pretty cavernous gaps along the lengths of the cannon to fill in.  Looking at them again I might need to fill gaps in the gun powder / beer barrels, but I’ll see how they look when they’re undercoated.

The main thing this picture illustrates is the difference between my sculpting and the professional miniatures – check out the strand of hair moulded onto the head.

I’m not a great fan of the patched up look of the some of the Leadbelcher heads, with eyes missing and bits of shrapnel embedded in them.  It’s not that I object to that part of the fluff (it’s quite fitting) but rather that the damage is limited to the head, with nothing on the bodies.  The body is shared between the Bulls, Ironguts and Leadbelchers, so it has a ‘generic’ look (if that’s the right word for a fantasy Ogre wearing a shield over its bellybutton).

The final bit of sculpting work is on a Firebelly, then I’ll concentrate on the painting of these guys (plus a bit of Malifaux, since I won’t be able to resist).

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