Irongut command conversions

I actually put the command group together for my Irongut unit a while ago, but it’s taken me ages to get round to photographing them.  As with the Cow command group I made full use of the bits I have available from the Ironblaster and the Mournfang cavalry to make these three look a bit different from the run-of-the-mill Ironguts.  All the Ogre parts (that I’ve found so far) are completely interchangeable which is a goldmine for a kit-basher.  The Dwarf bucklers I used for the ‘armoured bras’ are the same set as the ones on the rank and file Ironguts.  Presumably giving shields to Dwarf Warriors is out of fashion as there are millions of them available on eBay.

The Gutlord (Gutlady?) was inspired by this post on Well of Miniatures.  I don’t speak Finnish, so I have no idea what the text says, but the picture was enough to convince me.  She has the arms from the Mournfang Cavalry great weapons (as I assembled my own Mournfang riders with ironfists) and the armoured head from the Ironblaster which I think goes pretty well on an Irongut.  Holding the great weapon across the body also breaks up the look of the unit as the rest of them so far are all holding their weapons aloft to smite their tiny foes with, though it took a bit of work to make them rank up well.

Somewhere in the Ogre Kingdoms army book, it mentions that Ogre Bruisers who carry the battle standard often just use them to beat their enemies senseless instead of carrying other weapons, and that was the inspiration for this standard bearer.  I took the Mournfang Cavalry banner as it looks like it’s streaming behind the pole and cut off the banner above the hand.  I cut a standard Irongut right hand down to just the hand and then (after a few false starts) drilled into it to give the banner something to stick to.  Early attempts at just gluing the banner pole onto the top of the hand weren’t effective as the banner is too heavy for the small contact area.  Then I just had to line the pieces up straight which took surprisingly long considering how simple it should be.  The head is also from the Mournfang kit; you get a remarkable number of heads in that box considering that you can only build two Ogres.  Not that I’m complaining, of course.

Finally, the musician.  I’m not a great fan of the ‘bellower’ thing that Ogres have going on instead of normal musicians, but the only musical instrument that you can get in the right size is the trumpet in the Mournfang Cavalry box and that’s already been used on the Cows.  The only work I did here, apart from the sex change of course, was to make the weapon to be held one-handed and alter the positioning of the arm to allow it to be slung over the shoulder.  Ogre arms are pretty forgiving that way, so I just had to apply some milliput to the gap in the shoulder and to extend the wrist.

I am pretty pleased with the look of these three big girls.  They look different enough that it’s clear they are the command group, which is important as I’ve tended to put some characters in with the Irongut unit so it needs to be obvious who is who.  The only difficult thing now will be to think of a clever way to make my battle standard bearer look good now that I’ve used this trick with the Irongut banner.  Next for conversion: some more Leadbelchers.

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5 thoughts on “Irongut command conversions

  1. Nice work. I like the character with the weapon going across the chest. That is a nice touch, however I cannot, as a dwarf player, condone the use of shields as boob protectors! 😉

    • Thanks. Even if you disapprove, you’ve got to admit those Dwarf shields are a good size for the purpose. Maybe you can explain why there are so many of them available to buy? Can Dwarf Warriors not use shields any more or something odd like that?

      • Flames of the Phoenix

        My guess would be that dwarfs have such low initiative that people give them the great weapon for the extra strength bonus instead.

  2. Flames of the Phoenix

    They look really good. I guess what the champion is holding is what you would call a great weapon. That thing is massive. The banner is nice. It really looks like his is going to smash somebody with that. Also, the hammer over the shoulder for the musician worked out nicely.

    • Thanks very much. It is true that great weapons make for great weapons! But you’re right, the one the Gutlady is carrying is truly outrageous. It probably makes more sense on the Mournfang Cavalry, where you presumably need something with a bit of reach to hit someone on the ground. I really enjoyed making these, it feels like they’ll stand out from the unit.

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