Ogre Bulls command conversions

After sorting out the rank and file bulls cows for the Little Death tribe as a tester, I felt that I ought to put a bit more work into the command group.  Luckily I am now liberally endowed with unused bits and pieces from the Mournfang Cavalry and Ironblaster kits, which allow for a certain amount of kit bashing.  Of course, the main work was ‘feminising’ them, as usual.

Hmmm, it looks like the musician is a bit shy.

Anyway, the champion is wearing a Mournfang Cavalry head, weapon, ironfist and gut plate, and an Irongut arm.  I feel that the skull ear-ring is a particularly cool bit of work from the sprue.

The standard bearer is mostly the original kit, though she does sport a weapon and head from the Mournfang box. I’ll attach the banner once the painting is complete.  The hair I’ve sculpted onto this one is probably the most satisfying I’ve done so far.  I like the way it lies across the shoulder.

The musician actually has an instrument to play, courtesy of the Mournfang Cavalry (and a bit of cutting as the vambrace comes attached to the hand).  The sword is also from the Mournfangs (I think it’s meant to be for the champion), and the head is the less armoured of the two from the Ironblaster.

I’m looking forward to painting this lot as I feel like they have a lot of character.  So far I’ve been playing them six-strong in case I get the Watchtower scenario, but I’m not sure that they can take being in such a small unit if they’re in the main battleline.  So far they have tended to take a bit of a hammering before their turn comes; admittedly they hit back fairly nicely too if I can work to get a good match-up.

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4 thoughts on “Ogre Bulls command conversions

  1. Nice work. I thought that was a mask on the musician in the first photo. The hair is looking really nice on them. Will be nice to see them painted up. How many more models do you have left for the army?

    • Thanks very much. They’re on the painting table just now; I’m really enjoying painting Ogres. The sculpting work is enough that the result really feels like it’s my own, and at table top distance they look passably like they are meant to be female (i.e. rather than just poor miliput sculpting).

      In terms of the rest of the army I’ve got some Irongut command partway through converting, plus two Leadbelchers and a Firebelly unassembled. In order to make up the list I’ve used lately I would need a Slaughtermistress, a BSB Bruiser, some more Leadbelchers, two Sabretusks and another each of Ironguts and Mournfang Cavalry. But there is a lot of stuff in the Ogre Kingdoms book I haven’t even tried out yet, so I suppose that this army will never truly be completed in that sense.

  2. Cool minis

    I tried something similar for my Ogre Bulls, it was hilarious from sculpt to painting. This might give me some ideas.

    • Thanks. Good luck with your own work. From a quick look at your blog it seems that your skills are far in excess of mine so I imagine that you’ll get some excellent results. I’d certainly be interested to see what you came up with.

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