Ogre Mournfang Cavalry conversion

It’s taken a while, particularly since the Ironblaster turned out to be too tempting not to stick paint on, but here are the minor conversions on my Mournfang Cavalry.  I feel like two is probably not enough for these guys so I’ll eventually get round to bulking out the unit with another box.  This is part of the reason that these are just rank and file Ogresses as I will do the next box as musician and standard bearer.  The other part of the reason is that I am going to use the standard and horn for the command on my Ironguts and Bulls when I get round to it.  There are various swapped parts on the riders with other Ogre arms and weapons.  It’s a great feature of the range that almost all the bits are completely interchangeable across every unit.  Of course, the downside is that there are only two poses of Ogres on foot, but what can you do?

The Mournfangs themselves are fairly tasty looking miniatures, and I’m looking forward to painting them as I feel like they’ll be pretty easy to do with drybrushing.  Assembly-wise they weren’t quite as good as the Rhinox from the Ironblaster but a little gap-filling seems to have done the job well enough.

After the ridiculous number of sub-assemblies required by the Ironblaster I’m pretty glad that these are only in two parts; rider and mount.  I’m considering leaving them separate once they’re painted for storage purposes.

Mournfang Cavalry have had a pretty poor run in my games so far.  After 5 games, they’ve never survived, and only once done anything useful (holding up half a Skaven army for a few turns).  In their last outing against Forkbanger they ran off the table before my turn one when the terrain ate one of them.  Mind you, it was Storm of Magic.  Anyway they’re on the painting table now, but I’ve got a bit more sculpting work ahead of me first.

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7 thoughts on “Ogre Mournfang Cavalry conversion

  1. 1redneckgamer

    The models are looking good. It’s interesting that you haven’t had much luck with them. The internet seems to be blowing up about how good they are. How are you running yours? I’ve got mine in a large unit of 8 with command. I’ve seen reports saying that multiple units of 3 or 4 are good. But I haven’t tried that yet.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve used them two or three stong with musician and sometimes a standard. It’s not that they’re that bad (indeed, far from it), but they’re intimidating and people want to get rid of them. One example of their use can be seen over on Forkbanger’s blog. On the whole the games have gone my way, but for some reason the Mournfangs and Ironblaster continue not to perform to my expectations.

      How are they working for you at 8 strong? That’s a pretty massive unit, unless you go to 2 ranks (in which case you miss out on all the tasty attacks from the mounts).

      • 1redneckgamer

        Mostly people avoid them and try to lead them away from anything important. The do run in 2 ranks. You make a good point about losing the mounts attacks.

        People that can deal with them easily with magic and shooting really gain a big advantage in points as well.

        • How do you arm the Mournfangs? I’ve been using the most defensive set-up (ironfists and heavy armour) and their killing power doesn’t really seem like it’s very impressive.

          In your case, have you tried running two units of four?

          • 1redneckgamer

            I use the most defensive as well. We haven’t been playing recently so I haven’t been able to try 2 units of four but that is next on my list of things to do.

  2. I like it so far, keep it up!

    • Thanks, the kit is a lot of fun to work with. They’re on my painting table right now, very slowly joining the ranks of the coloured-in.

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