Painted Ironblaster

After assembling my slightly-converted Ironblaster for the Little Death tribe of Ogresses, I had originally planned to do some more sculpting work and get some Mournfang Cavalry ready for painting. That plan evaporated as I was assembling the Ironblaster; it’s such a lovely kit I wanted to bash straight on and put some paint on it. And paint it I have, over the course of many an evening doing a few parts here and there. As mentioned in the previous post, this boiled down to a mighty 13 sections that I kept separate for ease of painting, and I thought that it might be a good idea to take a photo of them all before gluing it together.  However, a game scheduled with Forkbanger put paid to that idea, as I couldn’t resist the opportunity to put this on the table fully assembled. I have now acquired some static grass (courtesy of Furycat) but there’s not enough room on the base for me to apply any of it.

Here are a few close-ups of the Ogress gunner.  I see that I have some touch-up work ahead of me.

Here’s the Rhinox, which was a joy to paint.  The fur sculpting makes my wash and drybrush technique (which I use because it’s so easy) look like I’m competent at this painting malarkey.

The Gnoblar driver wasn’t so exciting to paint, but it was worth putting a bit of effort in while he wasn’t glued onto his seat since he’s so deep in the bowels of the kit that I’ll never be able to get a brush near him now.

The view before it (so far ineffectively) rains doom upon my foes.  Sadly, I have yet to make even a single kill at range with this thing despite playing three games with it [updated 03Mar12: the third of these games is reported here], although it has squashed a few of Furycat’s Tomb Kings in close combat.

For completeness, here’s the rear.  Admittedly, this is what I most often see on the table, so I’m glad it looks fine.  It does show off how much stuff is being carried around on the cart; it is full of chests, barrels etc.

Next up: the aforementioned Mournfang Cavalry.  But finally, here’s another photo with my assistant.

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8 thoughts on “Painted Ironblaster

  1. YIKES!

    That thing is a BEAST! One of the best rares in games, imo.
    I really like the rhinox. good job.
    a bit of highlights on the metal would help it a lot. The gnoblar could use just a dash too. Not being knitpicky.

    Good job. Now go, lay waste.

    • Thanks. It’s an amazing kit. It feels like it should be great in the game, but I’ve not done that well with it so far. Still, I am enjoying having a shooting phase more than plinking a few Ungor Raider shots off something.

      I know what you mean about the Gnoblar. I’d love to be able to say that it’s just the photography, but it really is that flat. If I can think of a clever way to get some effective highlights on his skin then I’ll get on to it, but I didn’t have much success while he was out. It’s funny you should say about the metal as I actually did more work on the cannon itself than I ever have on any previous metal surfacing.

  2. 1redneckgamer

    A girl that big needs a little more junk in her trunk for my tastes:) Greenstuff some Kardashian on that girl.

    Seriously it looks good. The blues and reds could maybe use some deeper shading unless your going for the glossy look.

    Idea – maybe put some scary old lady make-up on her face…you know bright red lipstick, tropical fish colored eye shadow, and rosy cheeks that look like laser burned them. Might be to much work but man that would be funny.

    • Thanks for commenting. You’re right about the blues and reds, though the unusual sun here did make them look a little shinier than they really are in the gloom of a gaming room. I’ll do a little more work on the blue top in particular as that needs the most work.

      The make-up idea doesn’t really appeal to how I see this tribe, though it would certainly be funny. I’m not a soldier, but I imagine that getting dressed up nicely before battle isn’t too common; that’s why these Ogresses don’t wear warpaint. Anyway, when you’ve got a club this big it’s easy to beat whatever you like over the head and drag it back to your cave.

      Finally, I must admit my ignorance about your entire first paragraph. I guess ‘junk in her trunk’ means a big arse (which I’m too lazy to sculpt; I think that the basic Ogre arse is plenty big enough for these purposes) but I haven’t a clue what ‘Kardashian’ is about.

  3. 1redneckgamer

    Just a poor attempt at humor but you guessed the idea. I didn’t know what Rule 34 was so I Googled that. I can now see where you might be reluctant to Google things you don’t know about! Anyway good luck with the army.

    • No worries, I understood that you were joking (I just didn’t get the reference). Thanks for commenting, and I hope to see your own blog updated again.

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