Painted Leadbelchers

Around the same time as I was finishing off the Ironguts, I managed to get some paint on my Leadbelchers.  They’re characterful miniatures to paint with large areas of different texturing to work on, with particular contrast between the skin, the cannon and the cloth.  After a comment from Zebrazach, I made sure to give them a nice bright colour for their bras in order to maximise the difference against the darkness of the metal on the weapon.  I have taken on board suggestions from Simonster and Iggykoopa30 about adding static grass to liven up the bases, but I haven’t quite gotten as far as borrowing Furycat‘s supply from him to test it out yet so that’ll have to wait for another post.

Considering the age of my purple paint and ink (at least 20 years) I’m pretty happy with the results I got on the trousers for these Leadbelchers.

Annoyingly, I couldn’t quite get my camera to focus on the Gnoblar properly here, but anyway I took this photo by way of a close up on the fire.  There are many highly detailed tutorials out there on how to get amazing results, but my method was simpler.  Step 1: paint the entire flame yellow.  Step 2: paint the top two thirds orange.  Step 3: paint the top third red, leaving some orange visible in the recesses.  Not amazing quality, but it is plenty good enough at tabletop distance.

Next on the painting table: the Ironblaster (and some more conversions).

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4 thoughts on “Painted Leadbelchers

  1. asmzero

    Hey! The fire looks great. I may try something similar with my Fire Gamin.
    Nice job on the Ogres!

    • Thanks very much.

      Good luck with the Fire Gamin (and I continue to watch your progress over on your own blog with interest), but I suspect that they will want a bit more work than the rather simplistic technique I used here. Also, I got a Firebelly for my birthday, so I’ll need to work out how to make fire look good on a large scale eventually.

  2. Yo! Nice closeup pictures… you can really see the detail you’ve gone into with those close ups. I’ll echo the comment about the fire, looks really cool. I’d suggest putting a little bit of white at the tip to give it that really glowing effect, but that’s only a suggestion. Fire is very hard to make look real, but the end result, if done right, is well worth it. You captured really nicely here. Looks like your Ogres are coming along nicely!

    • Thanks, as ever, for the kind words. I’ll give your tip about the little bit of white on the end of the flame a try when I get these out to sort out the basing (when I get round to borrowing Furycat’s static grass).

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