Ogre Ironblaster conversion

Originally, I had planned to work on the remaining miniatures from my Ogre Kingdom battalion, but sadly I got distracted by some lovely Christmas presents.  Specifically, I received an Ironblaster and some Mournfang Cavalry for my fledgeling army of Ogresses, tentatively called the Little Death tribe.  So far, I’ve only got as far as putting the Ironblaster together up until now, but I am highly impressed.  The quality is amazingly high; almost no putty was required (apart from the bits I added, of course) and every piece fits together wonderfully.  The detail is amazing, even on parts that will never be seen in the finished piece.  For example, the Gnoblar driver’s weapon is a signpost marked Kislev, and the base of the chariot is a door, complete with lock and hinges.

Since the minature is so complex, I have only partially glued it together and I have used blu-tac to get the rest of the pieces to stay in place for the photos.  I’ve ended up with a frankly ridiculous thirteen sub-assemblies to make sure that I can get my brush into those hard-to-reach places.  I’ve also been rather sparing on the bling.  There are loads of extra bits I could have added to this, like a sabretusk skin to sling over the cannon or stuff to hang off the gunner, but I decided to take a slightly more minimalist approach since the overall miniature is pretty busy as it is.  As a result I’ve ended up with a lot of odds and ends to customise other Ogresses later on.

This photo doesn’t really do much justice to the moulding on the Rhinox, but the pieces slip together very snugly and there’s even an overlap on the hair along its back to hide the inevitable unsightly mould-line which is so noticable on the Chaos Warhounds.

There’s nothing particularly special about my work on the Ogress, although it was a nice change after the Ironguts and Leadbelchers to have the arms out of the way of the chest for easy sculpting.  I did put a little more effort into the hair this time so hopefully once I get some paint on that it should look rather better than the Cows.

If I can resist painting this outrageous excellent miniature, I’m planning to get moving on the Mournfang Cavalry next.

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4 thoughts on “Ogre Ironblaster conversion

  1. iggykoopa30

    Wow! I’ve never seen this model before! Looks very cool and your work on the Ogre falls right in line with the rest of the army. I’ll be on the lookout for the mournfang cav… or maybe this one next! lol!

    • This is an amazing model, with an astonishing level of detail. I’ve been eulogising about it to my geeky friends (and Mrs Argentbadger, who has no way to escape) the whole time I was building it. There are over a hundred pieces, and a load of them are effectively spares for future conversions since they are the components for the alternative build (the Scraplauncher).

      It literally took me a week of putting together a few bits here and a few bits there. As far as I’m concerned, this already represents good value for money in terms of the amount it costs (or at least, would have cost had I not received it as a present) compared to the amount of time I’ve spent enjoying playing with it. I haven’t even started painting it yet, but I’m really looking forward to doing so.

  2. Definitely one of my favourite kits. Wait until you’ve actually built a Thundertusk : more than 90 pieces, but everything fits perfectly well together. Those plactic kits are the holy Grail of huge, detailed models.

    • I have a plan to get a Thundertusk kit in due course, but at the moment I’ve got half a battalion and some Mournfangs to put together and paint.

      Also, I got a Firebelly for my birthday, and I have a bit of dilemna, which I was discussing with Furycat earlier – should I use my weak sculpting skills on this amazing highly detailed miniature? I’ll probably leave it until last in the hope that I get better and only decide then.

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