Painted Ironguts

My Ironguts are finally painted and based, after sitting in that ‘half painted’ stage for entirely too long.  There’s not a lot to say about them, except that I am still really enjoying painting these Ogre plastics.  The Ironguts weren’t quite as much fun as the Cows since my favourite part is the depth of tone on the skin; Ironguts have less skin showing.  I decided not to add any of the shields or other bling that they come with to represent the heaviness of their armour as I felt it would take away from the simplicity of the piece i.e. a fat lady carrying a weapon bigger than most people.  So, without further ado, here are pictures of said fat ladies.

A group shot, in all their glory.  I decided on orange trousers for the Ironguts; I like to have something coloured that ties units together.  Probably the most notable thing about the photo is the documentary evidence of sunshine here at this time of year.

At this scale, the poor sculpting (particularly in the second photo) is evident.  Luckily, this isn’t a problem in real life, and even less so at table top distance.  Nonetheless, I hope to improve my skills, which ought to relegate this lot to the back ranks once I make more.

I just love the weapon this one is carrying.  As if hitting something with a tree trunk isn’t ridiculous enough, it has been bound in iron straps.  Since Ogres are stupid, Gnoblars are small and Chaos Dwarves presumably consider this standard of forging to be beneath them, I wonder who makes this sort of weapon…

The facial expression on this last one sums up Ogres for me.  The look that says that full concentration is required to hold the gigantic bill-hook and remember which end to put in the enemies.  I’m constantly surprised by how good they still look considering that I had to remove part of the face (as it was previously adorned by moustachios).  In terms of painting, I am pleased by how much easier it is to get the eyes right on large miniatures like these Ogres.  It seems obvious, of course, but it is still a pleasant effect.

Finally, here are the trio of Ironguts taking a dangerous terrain check at the hands of my assistant.  Anyway, next on the painting table: Leadbelchers.

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10 thoughts on “Painted Ironguts

  1. those look fantastic!
    the orange really pops. maybe some on the upper half of the body to make it contrast with the armor and flesh tone?

    good job, you’re progressing quite quickly

    • Thanks very much. I was aiming to have the same coloured trousers throughout the unit (it doesn’t make any difference now, but I suppose that I might eventually get enough models done to use two Irongut units) and mix the colours up on the bra / bikini top or whatever it is that they’re wearing. Those are the flashes of green, blue and purple that are slightly visible in some pictures. Still, you could be right that I should have used orange or some other very bright colour instead. I’ll see how I get on with the Leadbelchers.

  2. I like the colours – All I can suggest is to use smaller stones/sand on the bases, then you can get full coverage right to the edges. I hate basing tough!

    • Thanks. The stones for the bases are intended for model railways (I think). I actually did consider getting them one size smaller, but those were just like dust and I thought they might have looked pretty rubbish (and been hopelessly impractical anyway). You’re right though, it is pretty irritating that I didn’t get proper coverage on the bases.

      I’m with you on basing, I find it by far the least fun part of painting miniatures.

  3. docbungle

    Liking them a lot great idea…

  4. Yeah nice job. Colours work well together and I like the simple but effective basing as it provides a nice contrast.

  5. iggykoopa30

    Nicely done. Gotta echo the comment about smaller basing though… it makes it look “different”… Not sure exactly how to say it but it really seems outta place. Perhaps try painting the flock? Maybe add some static grass? Just giving some suggestions. The paint job on the models looks fantastic though, nice job!

    • Thanks very much for the kind words. You could be right about putting some static grass on it, but I was aiming for a barren look to the bases, as though it was on a bare mountainside. I guess it looks more like they’re walking across a pebble beach though.

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