Ogre Irongut conversions

Continuing the expansion of my Ogre tribe, I put some Ironguts together.  These were something of a tricky proposition.  I had decided to use Dwarf shields as part of an ‘armoured bra’ so beloved of fantasy illustrators (though rarely with the effect seen here), but they prescribe a certain width across the chest.  Irongut arms, meeting as they do in the middle to hold their massive great weapons, do not have a lot of spare room between forearms and body.  This caused no end of readjustments and resculpting as I would put the body sculpting into place, then attach the arms and find that everything was pushed out of place.  In the end, I had to extend the arms at the wrist to allow the hands to actually reach both arms at once.  It’s not a great solution, but I’m hopeful it’ll look less ridiculous once I get some paint on them; everything looks worse when it is highlighted in lurid green.

One advantage with Ironguts is that they need a lot less shaving on their heads, since big helmets are the order of the day.

Ironguts come with a load of shields that I gather are supposed to be liberally attached about their persons in lieu of actual armour.  After the hassle of painting Gors and Ungors with shields attached, I’ll think about whether or not to do that once I’ve finished the paint.

This reminds me of the Beatles (a bit).

I vaguely intend to finish the work on the battalion I’ve got before doing much else sculpting- or painting-wise, so the next up will be some command groups for these girls, the Cows and the Leadbelchers.

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3 thoughts on “Ogre Irongut conversions

  1. iggykoopa30

    Hey, I think these turned out well. I’m sure there was a lot of repositioning and moving things around in order to get them where you wanted but they turned out nice and you can tell the effect that you were going for. Keep it up, I’m enjoying the progress.

    • Thanks. It was quite a bit of work getting everything where I needed to make it look less silly (though the monkey arms are still a bit annoying). I’m glad you enjoy it, and perhaps this will inspire someone else to do a little light sculpting work too. It’s very satisfying knowing that your army is totally unique, as I’m sure you know well.

  2. Kind of a big leap from Ogre girls to the Beatles, though I kinda see what you mean. Think if I saw the ogres crossing at a pelican crossing I wouldn’t be hanging around to take a photo.

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