Ogre Leadbelcher conversions

After the success (in my opinion) of my Ogre Cow conversion work, I have gone back to the sculpting to get more Ogresses for my slowly growing tribe.  This time, I made some Leadbelchers.  Sculpting the breasts on the Cows was easy because their arms are by their sides.  Leadbelchers, by contrast, have their arms together in the middle to hold on to those outrageous cannons.  It took quite a few attempts to get a results I was happy with.

I chose not to do any alteration work to the Gnoblar, since it’s too small to be worth bothering with.

I put a bit more work into the hair on this pair, as I think it’s the weakest part of the sculpting on the Cows.  I’m fairly happy with the improvement, but I think that there is still more I can do to get better.

The Leadbelcher heads have flaming brands in their hair, teeth or even skin in one case, so I had to model the hair around that.  It’s not my finest work, but it’ll serve for now.  In retrospect, I’d have been better starting the hair before I attached the head, although that might have caused other difficulties.  It is something I need to give a bit more thought to before I do more Leadbelchers.

Not too bad, though I say it myself.  I can still get a lot better, but I think that the sculpting is significantly better than on the Cows, so I am learning a bit at a time.

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