Painted Ogre Cows

After the conversion of a few of my Ogre Bulls into Ogre Cows, I was uncertain enough about the results to decide that I should paint them first before building an entire army of these big lardy ladies.  So here are the results, and I am happy.  Although it’s not hard to tell which parts are my addition to the work (to me, the pinnacle of achievement for conversions is that people don’t realise it’s a conversion), they look good enough for my tastes.  Particularly at tabletop distance, they look perfectly satisfactory, as some of Furycat‘s Tomb Kings found out last night (prior to being trampled mercilessly into bone dust).

So anyway, pretty pictures.  Here’s a sight that you don’t want to see coming down a dark alley toward you.  Most of the painting is as simple as my usual style (i.e. base coat, wash, drybrush), but I did quite a few layers on the skin since it is the main feature of the miniatures.  I think it comes out reasonably well, with plenty of depth to go with the rather expressive Ogress faces.

Painting such large models is quite forgiving if you’re as clumsy with a brush as I am.  There are plenty of large areas where even I can’t make too much of a mess and where the detail on the miniature can make even the laziest highlight come out looking lovely.  By way of an example, the trousers on the club-wielding Cow are simply green paint with a single wash and a heavy drybrush to bring out the contours, and they look fine to me.

One funny thing is that people have commented on how ugly they are.  Which I can’t deny, of course: they aren’t pretty.  But the normal (i.e. male) Ogres are rather ugly too, as least as much so as this trio, and I’ve never heard any mention of it at all.

I definitely need to work on the hair sculpting for the next batch.  In my opinion, that is the weakest part of the work I did on these.  Still, I think I know how to improve, so stay tuned to see if I’m right.

I have decided that I’m happy enough with these that I’m going to embark on my all-female Ogre army in earnest.  Well, maybe not all female; I’m not sculpting tiny breasts onto Gnoblars for a start.  Anyway, next on the hobby table: Irongut sculpting.

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7 thoughts on “Painted Ogre Cows

  1. Love them!

  2. Flames of the Phoenix

    Nice work. I know that I am pretty terrible with green stuff, and my sculpting “skills” leave much to be desired. I’m sure that by the end of the army, you will be sculpting some wild stuff. I think that they turned out rather nicely.

    • Thanks very much. I hope to get better at this, but whatever I do, there’s always someone out there to inspire me to go further. I think part of it is inspiration.

      On the other hand, as Justinmatters said: ‘I’d hate to know what goes on inside your head.’

  3. iggykoopa30

    Nice job on these! Great job on the green stuffing! And the paint job really came out nice on these. I like that you went from idea in your head to a finished product. Man, there’s not enough I can say about these… very nice!

    • Wow, thanks very much for the compliments. It really is flattering considering the amazing standard of the work you’ve posted on your own blog.

      Interestingly, you make it sound a bit like work: concept, planning, execution. It was a lot more fun than work.

      • iggykoopa30

        That’s the beauty of doing something that you love (or something that you’re passionate about)… it never feels like work. That’s why I enjoy this hobby so much. I love to get things converted, painted, based… all the way to the end and then I can feel proud of what I have accomplished. I have never once gone back and thought that it felt like work. Again, nice work on these conversions!

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