Painted Great Bray Shaman

I have been in something of a painting mood (by my slow standards) recently so I finished off my Great Bray Shaman.  I am very happy with the work and he seems, to me at least, like a fitting leader for the warherd of winter.  The painting isn’t going to win me any prizes, but it’s good enough by my standards. When he is in amongst his traditional honour guard of Bestigors it doesn’t matter much anyway; all miniatures look roughly similar at tabletop distance.  I really enjoy using the Great Bray Shaman in games, since he’s fighty enough to put in harm’s way (and generally benefits from it thanks to the Jagged Dagger) but also allows me to have fun in the magic phase.

Here’s the Great Bray Shaman howling his primal fury at the uncaring sky.

Modelled by my glamorous assistant, Argentbadger v2.0.  He insisted on helping me with the photography, and indeed who am I to stop him?

This is probably the angle from which the backwards-lean looks worst.  At least it doesn’t seem so awful when it’s not blown up to gigantic size.

I think that the Steel Claws look dirty and battered enough to at least slightly hide their origins as Spare Marine equipment.  Thanks again to Furycat for the parts.  They’re still ridiculous weapons though.

Next on the painting table: Ogre Cows (or Bulls, or indeed just Ogres).

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5 thoughts on “Painted Great Bray Shaman

  1. For a moment, I thought you’d built a really big Shaman.

  2. I really like what you’ve done with the Lightning Claws on this guy to make the weapons. Good to see you have an able assistant now as well.

    • Thanks. After painting the claws I’m happy with the result that they look grungy enough to be stolen Elf weapons remade into something fit for a Beastmen. The way I’ve made them, they would be pretty impractical for use in battle (I imagine) so it’s just as well they’re magical.

      It’s fair to say that my assistant is something of a mixed blessing in terms of the photography (though not in overall impact on my life).

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