Painted Minotaurs

Here are the Minotaurs I finally got round to painting after only a year or so. I must say that it was quite a change to paint a small number of really big miniatures after all those Gors, Bestigors and Ungors. Overall, I’m actually quite happy with the way they turned out. The minor conversion work I did doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, especially so at tabletop distance. I think that these miniatures get quite a bad press considering that they’re pretty nice to work with. I think that not painting them bland beige like the ‘official’ colour scheme helps a lot though. Without further ado, here are some photos.

The Three Amigos are actually a bit of a pain to rank up since they’ve got big muscle-bound arms sticking out at inconvenient angles.

I’ve really enjoyed painting these three chaps.  They’re covered in bling which means there’s plenty of interesting angles to get round (especially since those mighty horns get in the way so much).

This one is the most annoyingly top heavy of them, he looks like he’s about to fall over at any moment with those dainty little hooves, huge torso and upraised arms.

The great weapon wielding Minotaur is my favourite. I just like the stolid, calm, bovine gaze he’s putting out, as though he’s not in any hurry to feast upon your family. After all, it can be done at his leisure.

Next on the painting table: the Great Bray Shaman.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Minotaurs

  1. I LOVE them, really. Fantastic job sir !

    • Thanks. These miniatures seem to get a terrible write-up on the internet, but I rather like them. There’s a lot of detail and sculpting (in the case of these chaps, only from the ankles up) to exercise the paint brush. I find they are quite characterful too; indeed, one could say that for Beastmen miniatures as a whole, going right back to the days of Realms of Chaos (on which note: check out this frankly amazing blog).

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