Ogre Bull conversions

In a rare event, I’m posting a conversion which (probably) actually is a conversion rather than a kit-bash.  Anyway, as previously mentioned, I shamelessly stole the idea of having an army of lady Ogres, so here are my first test pieces.  My sculpting skills are pretty weak, but I take the view that this will always be the case if I don’t try to improve.  The technique is simple.  Firstly, cut all the necessary pieces from the sprue and cleaned them up.  This also involved cutting the copious facial hair from the heads.  I suspect that in the fluff for Ogres in the Warhammer world, the females are also supposed to be bald and bearded, but that isn’t really the look I’m going for.  Before sticking anything together, I did the sculpting work on the torsos.  Principally, this was just rolling a couple of balls of Milliput to be the breasts (taking care to keep them approximately equal on either side), then cutting strips to be the rest of the clothing.  Once the curing had begun I smoothed the Milliput a little and sculpted clothing onto their breasts and a little texture onto the cloth (note: this turned out to be a bit of a waste of time since the majority is covered by the hair now).  Then I just put the miniatures to one side for a while to let the Milliput set.  Next I glued on the arms and heads, and left them to dry overnight.  Finally, I put on the hair.  I did this by rolling thin ‘sausages’ of Milliput and putting five or six on each of their heads, starting roughly where hair should actually start.  After another wait to let the curing begin, I took my tool and sculpted a little texture into the hair, also flattening it down somewhat (although I could have left it as it was since it looked a little like dreadlocks).

It turns out that female Ogres aren’t much more attractive than male Ogres.  As usual, no matter how smooth the Milliput looks in real life, it looks terribly rough in the photos.

I’ve found that a lot of (my) sculpting looks particularly bad before paint is applied.  I suspect that this is partially because it shows the contrast between the great work done professional sculptors (in grey plastic) and the hopeless amateurism of my work (in bright green).

This is the first one I did, and the lack of practice shows.  Once the Milliput has had a few days to cure completely I might go back and try to tidy it up a little.

I am happy with how well the ‘shaving’ process went.  All the Ogre heads I’ve found so far are bearded, but they’ve been surprisingly easy to clean up.

This one is probably my favourite.  I suppose that I should refer to them as Cows, not Bulls, from now on.

I’ve since sprayed them ahead of painting, and they look rather better now.  Deep down, I’m still not sure that this isn’t a stupid idea, so I’ve decided to paint these to see how I look before I convert any more.

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4 thoughts on “Ogre Bull conversions

  1. I take my hat off to you! Bold move and they look fantastic. Great work!

    • Thanks. I’ve started on the painting, and they look a lot less bad when the terrible scuplting isn’t highlighted in bright green. Actually making the conversions and sculpting was very satisfying.

  2. iggykoopa30

    Wow! I really like the way these turned out! Gotta agree, bold move but you made em look very good. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

    • Thanks very much. They’re on the painting table so the jury is still out. They’re fun so far though, so I think it’s likely that I will do the army this way.

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