From the towering mountains of the East…

…comes a new Ogre Tyrant, feeling hungry.

I’ve been really enjoying Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but I have a bad case of wargamer attention deficit disorder.  However cool something is, there is always a feeling of something else at least as cool out there.  When we all first embarked upon out Warhammer Fantasy journey, the first choice is invariably to select an army.  I chose Beastmen and they have not disappointed me, being both entertaining to play and satisfying to convert and paint.  But when I chose them I looked at other armies too, to decide if, perhaps, they were the ones for me.  One army that was definitely in the running was Ogre Kingdoms.  I like the miniatures and I like the fluff.  Now that I’ve been playing Beastmen for a while, they also strike me as a very different sort of army to play – instead of a tide of bleating goatmen, there would be a small number of fat hungry guys, always outnumbered and always looking for their next meal.

So a little while ago, Furycat had more or less the same ideas, except that he was tempted by the Tomb Kings (full disclosure: I think they have some pretty nice looking miniatures too), and when we spoke about this, it started my gamer ADD churning.  We more or less decided to each start playing a new army at the same time: he with Tomb Kings and me with Ogre Kingdoms.

For some reason, that wasn’t quite enough for me.  I was browsing through the web a while ago, and stumbled upon a thing of beauty which totally inspired me.  Someone had converted some of their Ogres to be females, and it’s all documented in DonTheDime’s Gnoblog.  Now, as with all works of genius, there is more in that blog than I’m ever going to be able to work on. But one aspect – Ogresses – is enough to set my own wheels of creativity going. Follow me down the rabbit hole, and let’s see where this leads.

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