The painted herd so far

Following a comment from the excellent blogger Iggykoopa30, I decided that it would be a good time to take a photo of my Beastmen war-herd in all it’s glory.  So, without further ado, here are some pretty pictures.

It’s not the best lighting or photography, but I think it gives a reasonable idea of how the herd looks as a whole.  At some stage it’s my general intention to add photos to battle reports, but only if we ever manage to get two fully painted and based units fighting each other, which has almost never happened so far.

This isn’t really a great angle from which to photograph an army, but I decided to include it to give a ‘model’s-eye-view’ of how the foes of the herd would see this lot hurtling across the battlefield in search of victims.

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6 thoughts on “The painted herd so far

  1. Nice work dude! It’s a very satisfying feeling to set out your army and see that it’s all done. I’m sure there’s still more to complete (there always is!) but it’s nice to know that you have put your mind to something and are working towards it. Thanks for the entire horde shot and the shoutout! I’ve enjoyed following the progress of your army!

    • Thanks, and thanks for the inspiration to take these photos. It really is quite affirming to see all these little dudes I’ve painted myself, though considering how long it’s taken me to do it, I suspect it would be a pretty disappointing number of points.

  2. YES!

    very inspirational.

    Good job man. You’ve come very far in a short time. The herd looks amazing.

    I don’t see that herdstone =P

    • Thanks very much. I’d actually advise anyone who paints as slowly as I do to get their whole army out for a an admiring photo from time to time. That goes double if you write a blog, of course – who has readers who wouldn’t like a set of pretty pictures?

      Funnily enough, I’ve never actually used a Herdstone (or more accurately, the Shard of the Herdstone) in a game. Perhaps I should try it out. I’m not too inspired to make one though, although yours does look mighty fine.

  3. I am maybe a bit late but I will join the others by saying that your army looks fantastic. I hope we will soon have photos in your Battle Reports. As much as i LOVE Battle Chronicler, some photos are always a nice addition to a report.

    • Thanks! To me, a blog is something where one can never be late to comment. If it’s relevant, then I’m happy to have it posted.

      I have a general intention to put photos in my battle reports, but so far I haven’t managed a single situation in which painted miniatures have fought each other. It’s even less likely playing against Justinmatters, whose army consists of bits of paper cut to the right size and marked off in base-sized sections, or Furycat, who uses any models at all of the correct base size (mostly Dwarfs and Night Goblins from the Battle for Skull Pass box at the moment). The game is just as fun, but the photos would be less impressive. Still, perhaps I could just take photos of my deployment or something. At least that way I could show off Justinmatters’ and Forkbanger’s excellent scenery building work.

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