Urban War Battle Report: Syntha vs VASA (200 points); 08Sep11

I received the second edition rule book for Urban War so Furycat and I tried to branch out into the full ruleset, including selecting our own forces from the army lists.  We each stayed with the same factions as before: Syntha for me and VASA for him.  There didn’t seem to be many major gameplay differences between the full rulebook and the starter set, so we focussed on the ‘new’ (to us) aspects of the game, particularly indirect firing.

Syntha: Artemis Alpha Biomech (calibre 2; AA), two Androsynths with Pulse Rifles (PA1 and PA2), two Androsynths with Grape Guns (GA1 and GA2), Androsynth with Plasma Launcher (PLA), Tactical Teratosynth with mini-MLRS (a big missile launcher) and heavy armour (TT)

VASA: BLack Legion Sergeant (calibre 2; BL), Red Guard (calibre 1; RG), Suppressor Sniper (SS), two Suppressors with Gauss Rifles (GS1 and GS2) and two Suppressors with Force Batons (BS1 and BS2), Suppressor with Grenade Launcher (GLS)

We start the game by slinging template weapons across the field at each others bunched up models.  Both the Suppressor and Androsynth miss their shots (at this range, not an unlikely outcome), but the Teratosynth lands a rocket on a Suppressor and the Sniper.  Sadly for me, the Suppressor dodges (another new rule to us) and the Sniper is neither wounded nor shocked.  The VASA jump troopers move up the Eastern edge of the board followed by a couple of baton-wielding thugs.

The Black Legion Sergeant makes a clever use of overwatch to interrupt charge the Artemis Alpha, but it isn’t helpful as she survives his attacks and then an Androsynth rushes in and beats him to death.  The Red Guard jumps up (an overwatching Androsynth fails its command check to shoot him), misses a shot at the nearest Androsynth then uses his follow up move to kill the Artemis in close combat.  Gunfire patters around the battlefield to no effect at all.

The world’s most boring game turn occurs.  The Red Guard fails his command check to interrupt a shot from an Androsynth, but shrugs off the hit anyway, and all other shots either miss or fail to wound.

The Red Guard tries to charge the Androsynth with the Plasma Launcher but is intercepted by another Androsynth.  Both Baton-armed Suppressors also join in combat but remarkably there are no wounds anywhere.  Meanwhile, in the gunfight across the midfield, the Syntha continue to miss with every shot and both of the Androsynths with Pulse Rifles are killed.

One of the close combat Androsynths is killed on his own activation by a Suppressor, who then uses his own turn to run over and smash the one toting a Plasma Launcher.  The last Androsynth kills off the Suppressor in combat with him, but the Red Guard is still breathing down his neck.

The Red Guard finishes off the last Androsynth, and, with only a Teratosynth who appears to be blind left on the table, I concede.  Victory to VASA!

It was a good fun game.  It took a relatively long time to play while we wrestled with the new rules, but everything seemed to flow fairly well as we got the hang of shock and so on.

I’m not sure that there are any major conclusions to be drawn from a ‘rules-learning’ game like this, but it occurs to me that I did VASA a favour by allowing my Androsynths to stay at medium range, where their guns are no better than those carried by the Suppressors.  I should have kept advancing them to take advantage of the strength and accuracy boost for the Pulse Rifle at short range.  Still, I’ll be back.

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2 thoughts on “Urban War Battle Report: Syntha vs VASA (200 points); 08Sep11

  1. Anymore battle reports on the way? i do like reading about them, i’m going to post one myself soon a large four way game with basic strike forces. http://www.kenzie213.blogspot.com

    • Thanks for the kind words, and I look forward to seeing another battle report on your excellent blog. It might be a while before the next Urban War battle report from me. I had a recent increase in geek time since I was unemployed for a couple of months. Now I’m happy to say that I have a job again, but the number of game-playing occasions is reduced.

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