Painted Wargor Battle Standard Bearer

Since a Battle Standard Bearer is such an important part of my Beastmen army (in game terms), I finally got round to painting this Wargor.  I’m looking forward to putting him on the field again soon, although having this big banner is probably going to be bad for his health (it’s easier to hide when you’re only primed and have no standard on the end of the pole).  As with the Bestigors, the banner itself is done crudely.  This is partly because that’s how I imagine the Beastmen themselves doing it, and partly because I’m really bad at free hand painting.  If you want to know what a really good banner looks like on a Wargor, then check out Zebrazach‘s amazing work.

Originally I only painted the top skull marking, but after some chat with Justinmatters I added a few random symbols at the bottom.

I almost always use a shield on the BSB in the game, but the model was too busy to put one on his arm, and the cloak stops me from slinging it across his back.  My solution was to stick this Warriors of Chaos shield (thanks to Forkbanger) on the base behind him, so as to make it look like he’d driven it in there for better flag-waving action.

Here’s the big boy up-close and personal.  I’m worried that the Wargor looks a little colourless since all that can be seen of him is armour and skin from the front, and cloak from the back.  I usually try to use the clothing as a bright counter colour to all the dark skin and fur for this army, but there’s so little of it showing on this chap that it’s hard to make it work.  Of course, he’s carrying a giant green flag, so overall there’s plenty of colour, just none of it is on his body.

I discussed the basing at length with Furycat, who suggested that I should make more of the ‘stone’ effect caused by the plastic he’s standing on, but I decided against it for three main reasons.  Firstly, the Wargor is already a whole lot of grey, and I didn’t want to add even more.  Secondly, I thought it might look better if it was consistent with the basing for the only other hero in the army, my Bray Shaman.  Finally, it was more hard work than I felt it was going to be worth.

Next up: a few more Gors to make this herd up to a 40-strong horde.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Wargor Battle Standard Bearer

  1. iggykoopa30

    Hey, lookin’ good. I gotta agree with you about the color of his skin… seems like there is something missin’… but yea, he is carrying a big flag so you could argue that he has plenty of color. I think he looks good just kinda missing that “something” that will make him stand out. Either way, as always, nice touch with the snow. How bout an entire army shot so far?

    I just got a Beastmen army! So now I’ll be working sparingly on these guys as well. I’m liking the snow theme you have here and thought about sampling it… dunno though, may just go with regular bases. They will be a work in progress so I’m sure ideas will go in and out. Keep it up!

    • Thanks. About the skin, I’m going to leave doing any more work until I’ve played a few games with him. The flag might be enough to do it at table top distance, especially in among a smelly herd of other Beastmen. That’s a good idea about an entire army shot. I’ll wait until the next nice day then take the herd outside for a photo call and see if I get anything nice.

      Good choice picking up a Beastmen army; they are highly satisfying to both play and paint. I look forward to hearing about the exploits of your warherd, and particularly seeing the paint job you do. These snow bases are ridiculously easy to do, so they might be a little beneath you. I guess they could be made prettier with extra rocks or some grass poking through or something.

  2. Flames of the Phoenix

    I like it. The shading on the banner looks nice and the shield planted in the snow has a nice effect. I think that the snow was a good choice for the basing.

    Do the beasts ever have an tattoos or paintings on their skin? You might be able to add some of those. There’s not a lot of room to work with, so it might not make much of a difference.

    If you want more color from the back, you could use a different color for the fur than you are using for the cloak. It wouldn’t be much more color, but a slight contrast

    Overall, it looks nice and I agree with Iggy about seeing the full army shot.

    • Thanks very much. Beastmen don’t have anything particular in the fluff about using tattoos, so I suppose it’s up to me. As you say, there isn’t a lot of room to work with on this Wargor since he’s wearing so much armour. I’ve decided to leave doing any more work for now in case it grows on me (and it’s not like I don’t have plenty more to get on with). That’s a good idea about the cloak, although I’m not so worried about how it looks from behind. Hopefully I’ll be the only one to see his back as he charges across the field in search of new victims, never running away or shirking a good fight.

  3. Nicely done! I may have to steal that idea for my Bestigor standard bearer when I decide to start customizing the look of my Beastmen.

    • Thanks. It’s a really easy bit of work to do. The hardest part was getting the banner to sit nicely on the miniature once I’d finished painting them; I ended up gluing the corner to the top of his axe for extra contact and stability.

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