Border Princes Campaign (Turn 12)

All the battles from turn 11 of our ongoing Border Princes campaign have now been completed, and most of the battles are fully documented.  We had two victories of my Beastmen over Justinmatters‘ Orcs & Goblins (here and here), two victories for the Beastmen over Furycat‘s Empire (here and here), two Empire victories over their erstwhile allies, Aramoro‘s Bretonnians (still waiting for battle reports on these) and finally a bizarre no-score draw between the Empire and the Orcs & Goblins (also not reported yet).  Only Forkbanger‘s High Elves are too soft far away from the action to get any battles in.

After that giant scrum there are relatively few battles for turn 12, although still a good number.  The Beastmen army in the North-East finally get their act together and march in to take the haunted Geistenmund Hills and make an aggressive move into the territory of the Orcs & Goblins.  They also make their now traditional march into the Old Silk Road, but due to poor communication with their High Elf allies they are blocked from actually getting there [High Elves campaign special rule is that they always win Don’t Pass in the Night rolls, ensuring that they are always on the offense when taking territory]; they get good support from the goaty ones.  Equally poor communication in the West traps a Bretonnian banner in combat with the Empire, though again their allies are in position to assist.  In the south, the Empire continue their long-running border skirmish with the Orcs & Goblins, and in the centre there is finally an assault on Malko, a special territory which has been held by the Bretonnians since turn 8.

Here are the current score, before any battles are fought.  As with turn 11 there are too many permutations to be worth calculating who will gain or lose banners at the end of the turn.

Beastmen: 34 points (26 territories, 2 of which are special); 9 banners
Empire: 27 points (23 territories, 1 of which is special); 8 banners
Orcs & Goblins: 20 points (16 territories, 1 of which is special); 7 banners
Bretonnians: 19 points (10 territories, 1 of which is Malko); 4 banners
High Elves: 18 points (14 territories, 1 of which is special); 5 banners

The scores are starting to diverge more and more as we head to the end of the campaign.  With only 4 turns of battles to play (this one included) there is still everything to play for, especially with the key territory of Malko giving 10 points to the holder.

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2 thoughts on “Border Princes Campaign (Turn 12)

  1. I like the maps that you use for the campaign and the battle reports. Is there a program that you use to generate them?

    • Thanks. The maps (and rules) for the campaign are all from the General’s Compendium, which I highly recommend for any gaming group. It’s out of print now; I got mine through eBay, but presumably you can acquire it through other second hand sources. If you’d like an electronic copy of the map and find that you can’t get it anywhere then I can email it to you – I found a blank pdf version on an archived page of the Games Workshop website (it’s not on the active site anymore). My good friend Aramoro does all the work of colouring in the territories and moving the army icons around but I’ve no idea how it’s done. If there’s something specific you wanted to know about that aspect then I hope he’ll comment directly.

      The battle reports are all done using the excellent Battle Chronicler program, which is free to download.

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