Border Princes Campaign (Turn 11)

We’ve finally completed all our battles from turn 10 of the Border Princes campaign we’re running in our little group of geeks.  The turn started off with hopelessly one-sided thrashing of my beloved Beastmen by a combined force from the Empire and Bretonnians (here), led by Furycat and Aramoro respectively.  Things improved significantly in the remaining two battles against my erstwhile allies, Justinmatters‘ Orcs & Goblins (victories documented here and here), including one where I was able to overturn a small points disadvantage.

Turn 11 begins with a letter from the Bretonnian general to his counterpart in the Empire, formally announcing the end of their previously steady alliance.  As a result, the only alliances left are those between Forkbanger‘s High Elves and the Bretonnians, and the High Elves and the Beastmen; apparently doing actual fighting is beneath Elven dignity.  Anyway, this results in a massive free-for-all, with battles up and down the central areas; the total is two battles between the Empire and Beastmen, two between the Empire and the Bretonnians, two between the Orcs & Goblins and Beastmen and one between the Orcs & Goblins and the Empire.  In other words, it’s all a big mess.  The only other move of significance is an army of Beastmen failing to make their fear check to take the Geistenmund hills (cowards, the lot of them).

For those keeping track of such things, here are the current scores (before any battles this turn).  I can’t be bothered counting up the permutations of who’ll gain or lose banners since there are so many battles to deal with.

Beastmen: 28 points (24 territories, 1 of which is special); 9 banners
Empire: 27 points (23 territories, 1 of which is special); 8 banners
Orcs & Goblins: 22 points (18 territories, 1 of which is special); 7 banners
Bretonnians: 21 points (12 territories, 1 of which is Malko); 4 banners
High Elves: 17 points (13 territories, 1 of which is special); 4 banners

Finally, a few rules changes.  We’re increasing the base army size to 2000 points (with fortifications / support giving the same 10 % advantage as always) based on some testing from Aramoro and Forkbanger showing such larger games don’t take much longer to play.  We’ve also agreed to shorten the campaign to 15 turns (from 20) since I think that it’ll start to become a big grind in the centre of the map if the campaign goes on too long.  And I’ve decided to stop tracking which armies are led by which characters; it’s annoyingly bureaucratic and adds nothing to the fun.

Thanks for sticking with us so far; there are plenty of battle reports on the way.

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