Painted Bray Shaman

I’ve finally finished painting the Bray Shaman I put together about eight months ago.  In an attempt to make him stand out more from the rest of the herd I tried to make his skin a little lighter, although now that I’ve done it the difference seems to be minimal.  Oh well.  I’ve put a bit more work into him than my rank and file Gors, and overall I’m very happy with him.  He probably deserves some extra credit for his performance on the table top since he’s currently doing service as a field promotion to Great Bray Shaman.  Anyway, pretty pictures:

The front-on shot.  The skull on the end of his Braystaff isn’t quite as ludicrously outsized as this photo suggests; it’s just foreshortening due to my (lack of) camera skills.

Damn mould lines… and especially after a comment from Forkbanger on precisely that subject.

I’m quite satisfied with the way the cloak looks.  It’s not so much that it looks that amazing, but rather that it looks vastly better than it did before painting.

Next on the painting table: a Tuskgor Chariot.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Bray Shaman

  1. He’s looking pretty swank. You could risk some freehand and put some kind of rune thingy on the skull in a birghter red to draw attention to him if you worry he isn’t distinctive enough.

    Mould lines are the bane of my painting, too. I think I’ve cleaned them all, and then nope.

    • Thanks.

      The skull is actually pretty small (despite the photos here) so I’m not sure if I have the skills to paint anything serious on it. I’ve left the model on my painting desk though, just in case I have a clever idea.

  2. Agree with above. I think putting a rune mark on him will make him stand out big time. Something small even, as long as it’s bright. Looks good, though, I like the snow on the bases. Do you use washes when you paint?

    • Thanks very much. He’s staring at me from my painting desk so hopefully I’ll get the inspiration for something good on the skull.

      I use washes (and, more frequently, inks) but I’m not so good at making the most of them. Generally I just use them to try and add a bit of depth to the miniature, rather than changing the colour tone. The snow is just the stuff from GW; I really like the way it looks on a big unit.

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