Wargor Battle Standard Bearer Conversion

I finally got round to kit-bashing a Wargor to be the Battle Standard Bearer for my goaty herd. In game terms, I almost never put the army on the table without this guy in it; giving re-rolls to leadership checks is vital to stop the cowardly little blighters fleeing all the time. That it works on Primal Fury too is even better.  My main inspiration for the modelling was Zebrazach‘s fantastic BSB, although I won’t even be attempting anything like the astonishing work he put into the banner itself.

Constructing him was easy, as is everything I do for these guys – if it wasn’t easy, it would be way beyond my capacity to do it.  The majority of the pieces are from the Bestigor kit.  I had to rotate the lower set of horns to allow them to actually fit with the way his arms are held up but they look fine that way and it’ll make him look a bit different from anyone else in my army who ends up sporting that mighty set. The cloak is from a Chaos Warrior.  It involved quite a lot of cutting and scraping since the piece comes with a lot of plugs on the inside to (presumably) fit it nicely onto a Chaos Warrior’s back.  I’m planning to use the banner I have left over from my Minotaurs for it but I will leave that out for now until I’ve actually put some paint on him.  I always find banners and shields make for very fiddly painting. Finally, like my Bray Shaman, I stuck him on a spare bit of Carnifex carapace to give him the height to stand out from the lesser minions.

I had to stick a little Milliput under the arms to avoid that ‘blank plastic’ look.  As you can see, I made my customary blood sacrifice to the gods of miniatures while getting rid of all the stuff on the cloak.

The Milliput on the cloak is just to hide the remains of the fittings that would otherwise have snugly fitted it to a Chaos Warrior.

I had to cut his pony tail off since it was in the way of the cloak, so he has the shortest hair of any Gor in my army so far.

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6 thoughts on “Wargor Battle Standard Bearer Conversion

  1. Looks great man!
    Way to put all these Bestigor Champion parts to work. My hat is off to you.
    Good job on the WoC cloak. That thing is a pain to clear out. It does fit nicely where it’s supposed to though. But the WOC warriors are rather statically posed.

    Thanks for the continued compliments. It’s nice having a beastmen community. If I have time, I’ll paint up a banner for you soon. Tell me what color scheme and I’ll think of something fun and ship it to you when I get a chance.

    • Thanks, I’m looking forward to sticking some paint on this guy. I like the look of the cloak, and it was totally worth the tiny cost of buying a few from a bits store to improve on my effort for the Bray Shaman’s cloak (and the cost of cutting myself getting all the plugs off it).

      Thanks very much for the offer of a painted banner, but I prefer to have my army be entirely my own work, for better or worse. If you’re inspired then you could treat yourself to doing a Gorebull BSB and I can enjoy it vicariously on your blog.

  2. And the ponytails are damn annoying. Whatever happend to a shaggy cut or a time honored Mohawk? They’re all the rage in the Drakenwald!

    • Actually, I rather like the pony tails. They give a sense of movement to the Beastmen miniatures since they are always flowing wildly behind them as though the Beastmen are in a headlong rush to get to grips with their victims. I don’t suppose that it would be too hard to scuplt a few with mohawks or dreadlocks or whatever if the mood took me, although I doubt I’ll actually do it since I am happy with the heads as they are.

  3. Nice work! I like the WoC cloak that you added on there. Must’ve been some work getting it all cleaned out the way you wanted. Keep it up. Lookin’ forward to seeing some paint on this guy. Grats!

    • Thanks. After the fairly poor effort I sculpted for my Bray Shaman I knew that I had to get a proper cloak; the Warriors of Chaos ones are just so good looking it was an easy choice. It was indeed a pain to get the fittings off the inside of it, and I bled a little on the model for being a little too sloppy with my knife.

      I’m looking forward to painting him up. I have almost finished a unit of Ungors, then I’ll do the Bray Shaman and either (or perhaps both of) the Tuskgor Chariot and this BSB.

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