Painted Gor herd

I have finally finished painting a complete unit of Gors for my mighty Beastmen army. Half of them are the ones I showed off in my previous post, and the rest have been sitting for a while waiting for me to get round to basing them. Doing these snow bases isn’t exactly rocket science, but it is probably the least fun part of the process for me.  There are 32 of these guys, not for any particular in-game reason, but rather because I’ve been painting them four at a time.  Here is the full herd in all its glory.

Here is the command group all together.  I didn’t put any more work into painting them, but they’re generally the last to be taken off the table so I thought they deserved a few photos of their own.

The mighty Foe-Render, ready to be heroically pushed in front of some enemy hero so that one of my heroes can avoid a pulping.

The standard bearer.  My free-hand painting skills are particularly deficient, so rather than make a mess of trying to replicate something as amazing as Zebrazach‘s work (for example here and here) I figured that Beastmen are about as artistically talented as I am, and would just go for a few lines on a bit of cloth.

Finally, here is the musician.  I’d get a lot more mileage out of this guy if I remembered about the rallying bonus he gives.  At least I do occasionally use the ability to swift reform.

So there you have it.  I bow my head in awe at the speed-painting skills of my fellow Beastmen bloggers, Zebrazach (here) and Khorne53 (here).  Anyway, next on the painting table: Ungors.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Gor herd

  1. Wow! Right on man!
    They look fantastic!

    I digg the simple and bold red contrasting the dark flesh-tones. They really stand out.
    The banner looks great. Simpler is better for the beasts. Only wen you get to the BSB should you start to put more complexity into it.
    How good does it feel to have a unit fully painted? It’ll be more fun on the battlefield.

    Good job!

    • Thanks very much. I’m going to differentiate units by using different cloth on them, so these guys are red, the Ungors I’m working on are green. I think that the skin tones should tie everyone together well enough.

      I am delighted to have a fully painted unit, and I’m looking forward to putting them on the table soon.

  2. Good point about the foe render.
    I wouldn’t sell them short. I’ve had a few unsuspecting Heroes get mauled by 3 primal fury attacks.
    But most of the time, buys you time for your lords/ shamans

    • You’re right of course, but usually if a hero challenges who might be taken out by one of my own heroes then I might as well just accept with the hero and kill the unsuspecting fool anyway!

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