Painted gors

Here are the begnnings of a herd of Gors for my Beastmen.  I’ve actually had most of these painted for a while but I saved them up to base them all in one go since I find that the least inspiring part of the process.  Well, in the specific case of the this colour scheme one of the most depressing parts is applying the first layer of the skin tone since it looks like I’m painting bare plastic back over the undercoat. Currently the musician takes pride of place in the front rank since the Foe Render and the standard bearer are still on the painting table.  They’re near to finished but it’ll be a while before I base them so they’re not likely to get photographed too soon.

This guy is my favourite.  I really like the dynamism of the pose, running forward to get stuck in to the soft tasty flesh of his victims.

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6 thoughts on “Painted gors

  1. NICE!!! I like the dark skin. If I had to do it over again, I think I would do something similar! Can’t wait to see the completed unit!

    • Thanks, that’s very kind. At my current rate of painting, I expect to complete the unit sometime around 2015… and I don’t mean quarter past eight in the evening.

  2. Wow! These are really lookin’ good. Keep it up. I’m looking forward to seeing more! Nice work!

  3. Good job man!
    what colors did you use?
    Side question; why the shields?

  4. Thanks very much. The method is very basic; a base coat then a wash and then sometimes a highlight. The recipes are (in no particular order):

    Skin – Adeptus Battlegrey base, black wash, Codex grey highlight.
    Fur and hair – Black base, Shadow grey highlight, black wash.
    Wood – Scorched brown base, brown wash.
    Leather – Vomit brown base, brown wash.
    Iron – Black base, chainmail highlight.
    Brass – Dwarf bronze base, brown wash.
    Cloth – Scab red base, red wash, Blood red highlight.
    Horns and hooves – Bleached bone base, wash with a mix I prepared ages ago: brown ink / yellow ink / water 2:2:1 (v/v/v). I think it is probably quite similar to the new wash, Devlan mud (but I don’t own any so I can’t check).

    I’m not sure if all those paints can still be bought, some of them are more than 15 years old.

    As for the shields, when I started assembling them I thought I’d want to use shields for the 6+/6+ save. Experience, and your advice, means that I now use additional hand weapons. I just leave them in the mix to make the herd look a bit more varied.

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