Painted ungors

These are my Ungors.  There are many like them, but these ones are mine.  Without me, my Ungors are useless.  Without my Ungors… well, perhaps not quite that far.

Hello, and welcome to the first post with painted models ever to ‘grace’ this blog.  When I started playing Beastmen, I bought one of the old mixed herd boxes, and assembled them back in September. So it’s only taken me about 4 months to actually paint the little blighters.  There are only 8 of them, and recently they’ve been doing their duty as Raiders since they stand out nicely from the rest of my (unpainted) Ungors.  The stern looking chap above is my favourite so far.  I just like the pose with him glowering fiercely over his shield as though contemplating which of the hated man-things’ idols to despoil first.  In that regard, his ambition far outreachs his ability.

It can easily be seen that my photography skills still need a lot of work.  I think the main thing I’m getting wrong in these pictures must be the lack of light.  Though in the flesh (so to speak) there’s so much light being put on them I’m concerned about browning out the local grid.  The only saving grace is that at least it hides the paint job.  If anyone is looking for some well painted models, I most highly recommend Forkbanger‘s recent posts showing off his Blood Angels and Tyranids.

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8 thoughts on “Painted ungors

  1. Nice work, the colours look great on the ungors. Make them seem a little bit more “evil”. That said, they look a little bit flat, the grey/black could do with a few more highlights, just to make them stand out a little bit more.

    • Thanks for commenting, and thanks for the kind words. You are right, of course, that they could stand a little more work. At this stage, I’m going to prioritise painting the rest of my guys before touching up Ungors.

  2. Those are looking really good, I’m liking the snowy bases.

    • You’re too kind. You can see them in action getting run over by Knights at a table near you soon…

      As Justinmatters pointed out, using snow makes it just about the only base that doesn’t fit with any of the available surfaces. I think they look cool enough to be worth it.

  3. iggykoopa30

    Yo, the snowy bases is a NICE touch… really makes ’em stand out with the dark flesh tones. I agree with kuffy, they could use some more highlights to help make ’em stand out just THAT much more, however, they are looking really good. I know what you mean about touching up later, I’d rather get it all done then go back and fix ’em later. Keep up the good work, it’s looking good so far.

    • Thanks for commenting, and thanks for the compliments. I like the way the snow bases contrast with the dark flesh, and I’m lucky that it’s the only part that looks better in the photograph than in real life.

  4. Good job man!
    I like the shadowy dark look on them.
    the bases are keen! Are those the 20mm or 25 mm bases? You want ( and should have) them on 20 mm, as they’re smaller.
    HW & S is the way to go on ungors (non raiders). I felt that the spears kept me from using them as aggressively as I should. Plus the 6+ ward will help this swampy unit stay alive.

    good job!

    lets see them bestigors!!

    • Thanks for the compliment, and it’s nice to hear from you again.

      Those are indeed 20mm bases. I had to buy some from eBay since these Ungors came with 25mm bases in the box. I agree about the equipment. I haven’t tried spears yet, but paying an extra point each for a handful of fairly poor attacks would be quite marginal in itself. Since you also lose the parry chance,it just doesn’t seem like it’s very appealing.

      Sadly, the Bestigors are a long way off. I have got a few painted Gors now that I’ll post when I get round to it.

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