Border Princes Campaign (Turn 8)

The place:  The Border Princes.  The time:  Turn 8…

Well, Justinmatters and Furycat played their game from turn 7 and the Orcs & Goblins turned round their recent run of bad form by defeating an Empire list containing the mighty Ludwig Schwarzhelm.  It has yet to be written up, but hopefully it will shortly appear on Justinmatters’ blog.  The eagle-eyed among you will note that we’ve corrected a mistake in the map from turn 7, in that the battle between the Orcs & Goblins and the Empire was actually one section to the East.

The movement this turn sees some High Elves fail to take over a mountain section in the far North West, presumably because of the lack of hairdressers and manicurists in such rarefied air.  Otherwise, a couple of Orc & Goblin banners inexplicably retreat deeper into their own lands rather than face down the encroaching forces of the Empire.

Most significantly, a mighty battle is arranged over the Old Silk Road between the Beastmen and the Bretonnians.  Aramoro pretty much said ‘Old Silk Road, after school, bring all your hardest mates’ in the time honoured fashion (note: in character, there would have been lots of sneering, stroking of triangular beards and insulting my parentage in a quasi-french accent).  So what can I do but bring him what I’ve got?  On the side of good we have the noble Bretonnians, supported not only by one of their own banners but also by a contingent of High Elves.  In the blue corner the Beastmen have support from two other Beastmen banners and a detachment of Orcs & Goblins.   The game has been played, with the report posted here, resulting in a hard fought draw, mostly characterised by poor play on my part.

The banners that are currently identified are:

Bretonnians: Lord Guillaume L’Echec (crown symbol; currently in Malko), un-named Prophetess (chalice symbol; current in Section 58)
Orcs & Goblins: Un-named Goblin Warboss (chess knight symbol; currently in Section 70); un-named Orc Big Boss (Orc head symbol; currently in Section 90)
Empire: Two armies with un-named Generals of the Empire (cannon symbol; currently in the Red River Bogs and cavalry symbol (also includes Ludwig Schwarzhelm); currently in section 98)
High Elves: No identified banners
Beastmen: Great Bray Shaman Brannick the Forlorn (cow symbol; currently in Section 39), Great Bray Shaman Black Angus (bull’s head symbol; currently in section 54)

Finally, for those interested, here are the scores at this stage (after the battle between Bretonnia and the Beastmen).  It’s all very tight, with only a single point separating first from fourth.

Empire: 22 points (18 territories, 1 of which is special); 6 banners (note:  I think we might have miscounted, so there might need to be an additional banner appearing for the Empire, taking them to 7)
Orcs & Goblins: 21 points (17 territories, 1 of which is special); 6 banners
Bretonnians: 21 points (12 territories, 1 of which is Malko); 4 banners
Beastmen: 21 points (17 territories, 1 of which is special); 6 banners
High Elves: 15 points (11 territories, 1 of which is special); 4 banners

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