Paint your miniatures!

This post is more like a status update for my benefit, or perhaps a to-do list might be a more accurate description.  After buying and assembling a bunch of Ungors, Gors, Minotaurs and even a Bray Shaman, one might reasonably ask why I haven’t actually painted any of them yet.  Well, the answer is that I am part way through doing a great many of them.  However, not even one is photograph-ready yet.

I have painted all 8 of the Ungors I made, but since I left the shields off for ease of painting, I have the slight problem that the shields are currently in a box somewhere, as I am in the throes of moving house.  So all they need is to have their shields painted and stuck on (an easy task, one would hope), and then basing to finish them off.  Once I find the box with the sprues in then it ought to take no time at all.

The Gors are still very much a work in progress.  I’ve painted 8, and there are another 8 on the painting table right now.  I think I’ll go for 24 dudes to complete this unit, so another 8 will see me there.  There are a couple of pieces (notably the banner and a couple of shields) hiding in a box somewhere, but I paint so slowly that I will probably have them handy again before the unit is done.  Although I could have based the 8 finished Gors, I prefer to wait and do a full unit since it’s easier to be consistent.

The Bray Shaman will probably be done after the Gor unit is finished (i.e. some time around 2023 at my current rate), but I still need to decide on colours.  I’m definitely going to paint the severed head he’s holding with a completely different skin colour so it looks like he’s killed a Gor from a different tribe (and for contrast) but I am uncertain on his own skin.  I think it would be good to do him in a slightly different colour from the Gors so he stands out as being marked by his heathen Gods, but which way to go?  The Gors are all dark grey skin and black fur, so my current options are to paint him much lighter, heading toward white skin, or to go much darker and have him mostly black and very deep grey.  I guess white (or at least light grey) skin would probably make him stand out more.

My Minotaurs have had exactly no work whatever done on them.  The weather outside is too cold and wet to be good for spray undercoating, and since I’ve got so many other miniatures to paint, there is no need to rush into them.

What does the future hold?  Well, thanks to the miracles of eBay I am now the owner of not one but two Beastmen Battalions, and an Orc and Goblin chariot.  So my running total for the army is:

72 Gors
28 Ungors
20 Bestigors
3 Minotaurs
1 Chariot

Of course, one of the Gors has already been ‘promoted’ to a Bray Shaman, and that fate will probably befall another (with a Bestigor Head or something) to become a Great Bray Shaman.  A third will crew the Chariot, which will need a Bestigor to ride on the back and continually roll 1s to wound (and I intend to get some of the new Boar Boyz to provide Tuskgors since they actually look like they are wild and ferocious instead of waiting to become bacon).  Another Bestigor will have to be promoted to a Battle Standard Bearer; I’ll probably get him a Chaos Warrior cloak and use the Minotaur banner so he looks the part.  And, finally, perhaps yet another Bestigor will be converted into a Beastlord if I can make him look impressive enough…

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4 thoughts on “Paint your miniatures!

  1. Get cracking you slacker!

    The army is exponentially more fun to field and fight with once it’s painted. You’ll enjoy everything about it and I can’t wait to see the results!

  2. You’re right of course (and I am working on it, however slowly). It’s well known round here that painted units perform better on the table…

  3. Nice update! Good luck with the painting. Look forward to seeing pics in the future. Let me know if you can’t find the shields for your ungors. I have several I won’t be using and it sounds like you only need a few. I’d be happy to help! Once again, looking forward to PICS!

    • Thanks for the offer of the shields. I actually know (roughly) where they are, it’s just that that place happens to be in a box in a self storage facility – I am in the middle of a house move at the moment.

      The funny thing about the pics is that I was just bugging Furycat about the lack of pics in his recent status updates too, and here I go doing the same thing.

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