Border Princes Campaign (Turn 6)

First blood to Justinmatters!  After the Orcs & Goblins had repelled the Bretonnians from the Old Silk Road, we were able to run another turn of the campaign.

The Empire were obviously impressed by the Knightly prowess of the Bretonnians, turning their ‘gentleman’s agreement’ into a proper alliance.  After all the moves were made and the Difficult Terrain checks checked, the map looks like this.

So there are battles all over the map, with only the Bretonnians sitting this one out.  The Empire and Orcs & Goblins both tried to out-manoeuvre each other to get a supporting banner into the inevitable fight for the South, but have simply ended up with two battles to fight, in the Blood River Bogs and part of the Southern Forest (Section 91).  Meanwhile in the North, both the High Elves and the Beastmen made a play for one of the special sections, The Warrens.  Since neither of them are human there are no bonuses in play (human armies can recruit help from the mercenaries who live there), but there is a special scenario for us to play out.  As with everything else in the General’s Compendium it might need a little bit of updating, but we’ll worry about that when we play.

After that battle, we have a couple of armies with their generals known.  Currently in Section 58 we have a Bretonnian army led by Lord Guillaume L’Echec, and in Malko the triumphant Orc and Goblin force is headed by a mighty (but currently nameless) Goblin Warboss. Aramoro has very usefully put little symbols on the armies so it is easy to spot which is which.

Now that the Orcs & Goblins have taken Malko there is a very large gap in the scores – that one territory is worth 10 victory points on its own.  The scores so far (apart from the results of battles) are:

Orcs & Goblins: 29 points (16 territories, 1 of which is special, and 1 of which is Malko); 6 banners
Empire: 14 points (10 territories, 1 of which is special); 4 banners
High Elves: 13 points (9 territories, 1 of which is special); 4 banners
Beastmen: 13 points (13 territories); 5 banners
Bretonnians: 9 points (9 territories); 4 banners

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