Border Princes Campaign (Turns 1 to 5)

We have now started the Border Princes campaign, with the participants confirmed as:

Me: Beastmen
: Bretonnians
: High Elves
: Empire
: Orcs and Goblins

We ran the first 5 turns together (still with secret order writing) since there was no actual combat.  Not surprisingly, the majority of this was a land grab, with Justinmatters’s Orcs and Goblins making good use of their Forced March rule to get an early lead in territories and banners.  The map has ended up with a strange arrangement of the Heroic Do-Gooders (Empire, High Elves, Bretonnians) in the West, and the Evil Ne’er-Do-Wells (Orcs and Goblins and Beastmen) in the East.  Inexplicably, the HQ locations ended up right next to each other, so that there are only a couple of map sections to cross to get stuck into the HQ when things get nasty.

In turn 2 there were a few alliances made, mainly to stop this devolving into a giant mess right at the start.  In the North-East, Forkbanger’s High Elves formed an alliance with the Bretonnians and in the West the forces of Naughtiness allied to go and kick some human/elf arse.  The latter came with a stern warning from the Orcs and Goblins that any Beastmen encroaching South of The Old Silk Road would meet with a severe face-beating.  So that’s me put in my place.  Meanwhile, the Empire and Bretonnians have come to a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ over territory, but stopped short of a formal alliance.  So although they feel like they can turn their attentions to other matters (specifically, the hordes of screaming greenskins and braying goatmen heading across the map at them), they can’t actually support each other in a meaningful way while doing so.

In turn 5 we have our first battle, in which the Bretonnians face down an army of Orcs and Goblins (supported by a banner of Beastmen) in a showdown for the Old Silk Road (section 53; currently owned by Beastmen).   This was Justinmatters showing his renowned strategic cunning – I have no idea how he knew that the Bretonnians would make a move on that particular section.  We will probably play it next week, although I’m hopeful that Justinmatters will have a chance to actually play a game with his Orcs and Goblins before then or it’ll be a sound crushing from the might of Aromoro’s knights, even with a 160 point advantage.

Here is the map as it currently stands (prior to the battle which will decide the ownership of the Old Silk Road).

Not that it matters too much at this point, here are the scores on the doors.  It should be noted that Orcs and Goblins, Empire and Beastmen will gain another banner at the start of Turn 6.  Also, the scores may change a little if the Bretonnians manage to win the Old Silk Road.

Orcs and Goblins: 17 points (13 territories, 1 of which is special); 4 banners
Empire: 13 points (9 territories, 1 of which is special); 3 banners
High Elves: 12 points (8 territories, 1 of which is special); 3 banners
Beastmen: 11 points (11 territories); 3 banners
Bretonnians: 7 points (7 territories); 3 banners

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3 thoughts on “Border Princes Campaign (Turns 1 to 5)

  1. Sounds like fun! Have you all run through this campaign before? I’ll be sure to keep an eye on how this turns out. Go BEASTMEN!

  2. Thanks for commenting. This is the first time we’ve tried any sort of campaign for wargaming, but we’re all old-school gamers of various sorts (Justinmatters just finished running a very entertaining RPG campaign which probably lasted more than a year). We’re just going to go for it and hope for the best.

    I certainly share your sentiment of ‘Go BEASTMEN!’ though. Keep watching and see how I get on.

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