Ready to start the Border Princes campaign

I’ve been talking, writing and thinking about doing this Border Princes campaign for a while now, and it is time to actually do something about it.  Our first day of campaigning is going to be this week.  Since there won’t be any battles to start with, we will run a few turns together – moving the banners around the map isn’t what takes the time, it’s the Warhammer games in between that will be time consuming.  After that, I think we’ll aim to do a turn every couple of weeks, and can space it out to suit our schedules over busy times and holidays as needed.

The armies participating will be:

Me: Beastmen (of course)
Aramoro: Bretonnians
Forkbanger: High Elves
Furycat: Empire
Justinmatters: Still to decide between Skaven, Orcs and Goblins and High Elves (though the last are an outside bet at best).
Here are a few extra things Aramoro and I have been thinking about.

Banners: each banner will be 1600 points; each supporting banner or fortification will give an extra 160 points.  If something ‘real’ is used which was previously proxied, or field something painted which was previously grey plastic, an extra 80 points can be added to the army for that battle (but that bonus won’t stack – it is a maximum of 80 points no matter how much is bought, assembled or painted).  I won’t be eligible for the painting/modelling bonus.

Once a banner has been in battle once, the general is ‘tied’ to it until the banner is annihilated.  For example, if I field an army with a Great Bray Shaman as the general, every battle that banner fights must include a Great Bray Shaman.  I can vary his equipment, so that one time he rides a chariot, one time he’s level 4 wizard etc, but he must always be there.

Aramoro pointed out that there could be some situations in which the ‘tied’ general is actually superseded by another with higher leadership. So if my ‘tied’ general is a Great Bray Shaman, I could probably squeeze a Beastlord in too, assuming that I’m not too greedy with equipment.  The Beastlord would automatically become the general since he has higher leadership.  In this case, I’ll allow the player to pick who stays on in the army for future turns.

Similarly, if a named character is fielded (even if he’s not the general) he is also tied to that banner until it’s annihilated, although he can then be attached to another banner later – named characters are too heroic to actually die.

Fighting battles: Players can decide on the scenario to play by any mutually agreeable method.  I’d normally just go for a random selection from the Giant Tome of Rules, but if people want to play some special scenario from the internet, the General’s Compendium or whatever then it’ll liven things up a bit.  When a battle is fought (assuming that it isn’t against me), I’m hoping that one person will be able write up a battle report and either send it to me or stick it on their own blog (in which case I’ll link to it).

Winning the game: We’ll play for 20 turns, or until we all get bored.  At the end, whoever has the most points (1 for each normal territory, 5 for each special territory and 10 for Malko) will be declared the winner.  The prize will be some plastic dollies – a small box if it’s just from me, or more if other people want to pay their dues to the victor.  I can’t win (not that I expect that to be a problem), so in the highly unlikely event that I have the most points at the end then the second place will get the goodies.  This is so that I can be impartial if anything occurs that needs a games master.  Not that I expect anything to happen since arguments are very rare in our games (we’re all grown ups, at least from a chronological point of view), and it isn’t like we’re playing for money or anything.  But still, the General’s Compendium is bound to throw up something ambiguous.

If we all lose interest in this then of course the campaign will end in the inevitable fate of all campaigns (which is much like the inevitable fate of all blogs, as I mentioned in a previous post).  If only one of us loses interest, but the other four are still keen, I’ll run their area as an NPC realm from that point on.  All the banners will either stop moving entirely or pull back to defend their capital, depending on what I think will be most fun. Any battles fought will have to be done by a ‘guest’ general; that will probably be me unless I’m the attacker.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions to add?

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2 thoughts on “Ready to start the Border Princes campaign

  1. I think it’s a good setup initially, we can discover any problems as we play thought it. It’s not as if we’re going to try and cheese each other out of anything.

    I think in terms of fighting battles we can probably choose the most suitably dramatic ones from the book each time, like playing Dawn Attack if you’re doing a Don’t Pass in the Night battle. Battle of the Pass if the battle in taking place in a Mountain section of the board. One thing I was thinking of was if all games were Blood and Glory by default, then an Army can never be Scattered as you won’t get wiped out, just broken. But if either player wants then can opt for Pitched Battle, increasing the stakes by making it possible to Scatter your opponents army.

    Now I just need to work out if I can practically fit a Lord on a Hippogryph into a 1600pt army.

    • As we discussed yesterday, I think we’ll leave it to the players to decide what will be the most suitable scenario to select each time. I’m not keen on having a ‘default’ scenario, although I am a fan of Blood and Glory in general because it imposes certain restrictions on lists which make them look like armies instead of gun batteries. Other changes can be made as needed, if we all think something is causing a problem.

      I look forward to seeing the Bretonnian Royal Air Force in action – magic flying ponies for everyone.

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