Updating the Border Princes for 8th Edition

So there are a few rules in the General’s Compendium that I think will need to be clarified or updated for our campaign in the Border Princes.

There are 6 special sections, each with some extra rules or bonuses for the controlling player.

The Geistenmund Hills, which are haunted, need mortal armies (i.e. not Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings or Daemons of Chaos) to roll a 3+ to enter, because they are so scary.   There is also a scenario to be played if armies fight there.  I don’t think there is any need to amend this.

The Camp of the Iron Claw Orcs has rules for either recruiting extra greenskins (if you are playing Orcs and Goblins) or losing a few points from your army (if you’re playing anyone else).  Again, the rules are straightforward, and I don’t think they need any change.

Malko is the large castle in the centre of the map.  There is a set of rules for playing a siege scenario, but I think that it will be the defenders choice whether to hide away and use the siege or just sally out and play a normal battle.

Tor Anrok is an ancient mystical Elf tower.  It allows the controlling player to automatically win Don’t Pass in the Night rolls and choose the sides and whether to take first or second turn in any battles , which needs no changes.  There are detailed rules for having a Wizard’s Tower in one deployment zone, but it seems like it would be easier to just use the Wizard’s Tower rules from the 8th Edition Warhammer rulebook.  Finally, if any kind of Elves control Tor Anrok, then one wizard in each of their armies can have an extra spell, which seems fair enough.

The Warrens is another section in which armies can recruit a few extra troops – in this case, Empire and Bretonnians get to have extra troops.  I think 80 points is better (and fits more neatly at 5 % of the base army size), and in the case of Bretonnians, it seems like those extra points should be peasants.  After all, a rag tag mercenary band isn’t likely to have a load of heroic knights ready to join in a battle.  For Empire, I think it should be limited to some suitable soldiers (so not just an extra cannon for example).

The town of Aldium has the special rules which need most amendment.  In the General’s Compendium, controlling Aldium allows an additional Rare or Special choice to one’s army.  Since these army slots are now gone in 8th Edition, I think that I’ll change it to allow an extra 100 points of the army to be allocated to one of those sections.  So a normal 1600 point army would be allowed 800 points of Special choices (i.e. 50 % of the army).  If that player controlled Aldium, their 1600 point army could take 900 points in Special choices.  Other rules for army building would still apply.

In addition to the army specific rules in general campaigning (e.g. Dwarfs can ignore Difficult Terrain checks in mountains) some armies have extra rules in the Border Princes.  Most of them seem reasonable, but I think that the rules for Warriors of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos are overly complex and are going to cause problems.  For a start, there are different rules depending on which of the Chaos Pantheon is being followed, which doesn’t really apply any more, at least in the current Daemon book.  The current GW fluff appears to be that the Ruinous Powers work together freely instead of bickering incessantly like in the old days of Realm of Chaos.  So if anyone decides to play Warriors of Chaos (unlikely, since none of us own that army book) or Daemons of Chaos (not out of the question), they’ll just have to live without the extra rules.

Finally, there are fairly detailed sections in the General’s Compendium about alliances.  For ease of use, I prefer to use the section in the 8th Edition main rule book.  Apart from the fact that they take up about a quarter of the space, the newer rules also allow for alliances between mortal enemies.  This way, we don’t need to worry about evening up the number of Good and Evil armies.  However, such unlikely arrangements as Dwarfs allying with Orcs and Goblins are still tricky situations both on the table (effectively, you treat your allies as enemies who you can’t fight against) and in the campaign map (because I’ll insist on some sort of fluff to deal with it).

If anything else comes up, we’ll get together to think about how to handle it.  If there is no agreement then I’ll just make something up and see how it goes.  This is the main reason I won’t be eligible to win the campaign – I want to be able to claim impartiality if something occurs that needs a bit of games-mastering.

So have I missed anything which will be important?  Or can anyone share any tips?

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