Thinking of a Border Princes Campaign

Lately, I’ve been thinking about running some sort of campaign for our gaming group.  Since we’ve just (re)started playing Warhammer Fantasy, then that adds a certain appeal to making the campaign in the Old World.  There are a couple of inspirational campaigns out there, particularly ones shown in Selone’s Campaign Thread of Woe (and also a mention of this in an old post on Veni, vidi… which I think is part of the same campaign) and Zaszz’s blog.  With that in mind, I’ve bought The General’s Compendium from eBay, and I have been gradually trawling through it.  Lucky me – there is a pre-designed map-based campaign in there, which includes some rules for common situations, and is simple enough that there wouldn’t need to be an outrageous amount of book-keeping.
The campaign is set in the Border Princes, which is rather to the South of the Old World. There are various bits of fluff in it to give a reason for pretty much all the Warhammer races to be there, and have something to fight over.  The book contains a map which is rather nicely drawn and pre-divided into sections, allowing movement and conquest to happen at a set rate.  There are a few special sections on the map (for things like an Orc camp, haunted hills etc) which have scenarios written for them in case armies clash over them.  I guess I’ll have to do a little work to update these for 8th edition.  Similarly, the special sections often give bonuses to those who own them, and they’ll also need work.  For example, one section allows an additional slot in special or rare, which of course has no effect since there are no army selection slots any more.
So I’m hoping that at least Furycat, Justinmatters, Aramoro and Forkbanger will join me in this venture.  In the case of Justinmatters and Aramoro, I suppose they’d need to confirm which army they’d like to use, since they have more than one each.
According to the ‘rules’ (or perhaps they are more like guidelines), each army is represented by a banner to track its movement and conquests, and each banner is of a preset point values.  The General’s Compendium suggests 2000 or even 2250 points, but we have nowhere near that amount of stuff.  For my campaign, I’m thinking that each banner would be 1600 points (it makes the percentages nice and round), and supporting banners could add 160 points each.  I’m toying with the idea of each banner having to be tied to a specified general, but it might just end up being a hassle, so I’ll discuss that with people when (or if) we get round to making a start on anything.
In the interest of getting us all to paint our god-damn miniatures, I’m thinking of allowing a bonus to the army size of 80 points if there is something there for real that was previously proxied, or something that was painted that was grey plastic before.  In order to convince everyone to play to the end, a prize could be in order – we’ll have to see if people are in favour.  As I’m organising the campaign, I won’t get those bonuses, and I’ll also be excluded from winning.
Wow, that was an unstructured ramble.  So… does anyone have any thoughts?
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6 thoughts on “Thinking of a Border Princes Campaign

  1. I’m keen to play a Warhammer campaign, I think it would be a lot of fun indeed. But I wouldn’t exclude you from winning or the bonuses, everyone knows how it works so it’s not as if you’ll cheat or anything.


  2. I’ll bring round the General’s Compendium for you to look at tonight and we can have a think about how to work it.

    My main reasoning behind excluding myself from winning or getting bonuses is that I will ultimately have to rule on any ambiguous situations that crop up in the campaign itself (as opposed to the individual Warhammer battles). The campaign rules in the book are pretty loose, and I doubt they’ll cover every possible scenario, particularly since we’ll have to cowboy some of the 6th-edition-to-8th-edition issues. This way, I think it’s an even split between being a ‘full’ player and being a ‘full’ games master (i.e. a non-playing neutral party).

    In terms of winning overall, I think it is so unlikely to happen that the problem won’t arise anyway.

  3. I have now read the General compendium and I think this sounds like a great idea. I was trying to find a digital copy of the Map. I was thinking if we emailed our orders to you ahead of time then you could resolve them all, repost the map so people can see what games they need to play in the following week.


  4. There is a link to an electronic version of the map somewhere on Selone’s thread (the first few that show up are just photos, but near the bottom of page 1 it appears). Sadly, my computer-fu is weak so I’m not sure about how I’d go about putting armies on it or marking territories. Any thoughts?

    Otherwise, I like the idea of having orders emailed in and resolved before we meet.

  5. Hey man,
    Inspired by the fun you’ve had, I’m thinking of starting a Border Princes campaign. I’d love to pick your brain about it. We have more players and will be customizing the scenario a bit.

    Let me know!

    • I’d be happy to, and I really can’t recommend this campaign highly enough. The General’s Compendium has tons of other cool stuff too (seiges, naval battles, even more campaigns) so it’s surely one of the best books GW has ever released.

      I’ve sent an email to your gmail account (it’s the one that comes up when you post on my blog; I guess you get the same messages in return). Alternatively, we can discuss ‘openly’ here on the blog so that anyone else interested can see and contribute.

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