Bray-Shaman conversion

As previously mentioned, I’m aiming to have an all plastic army if I can manage it.  To that end, I’ve converted a Bray-Shaman from part of the Gor sprue (strictly speaking, this is probably a kit-bash if you’re a purist).

I took the least armoured body, which isn’t especially hard since Gors don’t wear much armour.  For his right arm, I’ve just replaced the mace head with the goat skull that comes as filler on the sprue (I imagine that this is intended as a banner top under normal circumstances).  The left arm is one of the ’empty’ hands, with a spare Gor head from the old mixed herd box hanging from the bottom and a little Milliput linking the head to the hair, which I hope looks like he’s holding his victim’s recently decapitated head by its lank locks.  I’ve given him an extra set of horns to show that he’s a cut above the average Gor, and finally I made a cloak out of Milliput.  It’s my first ever try at doing anything more than filling gaps with this stuff, so hopefully it’ll work out.  I’ve scored the back so that it looks a bit more like fur.  To be honest, I think it looks a bit ropey, but Furycat assures me that it’ll be improved by painting.  Here’s hoping.

Finally, I stuck the Bray-Shaman on part of a spare Carnifex carapace I had, mainly so that he’s a taller than the rest of the Gors, which should help him stand out if he goes with a ranked unit.  There are a couple of blobs of Milliput on the base, mainly because I invariably make up too much of the stuff.  I’m planning to use snow for the bases, so their main purpose here is just to give a little bumpiness.

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