Ungors assembled

I finally got round to photographing the 8 Ungors I got with these guys.  They came with 25 mm bases, so I had to order a bunch of 20 mm bases to stick them on, and then cut down the tabs.  The only Ungor sized arms on the sprue are all carrying spears, and I decided that I’d probably rather have the 6+ parry save for them having hand weapons and shields rather than another rank of fairly pitiful attacks, especially since it’s a point cheaper too.  Luckily, since there are plenty of weapons left on the sprue from the Gors, but they are (of course) all attached to much mightier-looking Gor arms.  I cut off all the spears from the Ungor arms (apart from one, who gets to keep a shortened version of his pointy stick), then cut weapons from the Gor arms, and attached them with a certain amount of patience.  The only problem I can foresee is that it doesn’t look like they are going to rank up very nicely, especially once I’ve got shields on them.  Still, I’ll deal with that when I get to it.  For now, they are doing their duty as raiders.

8 assembled ungors, sitting in a row

Ungors ranked for duty

As you can see, my photography skills haven’t improved.  These were taken outside, but on a slightly overcast day.  Maybe I should get one of the photo software packages to lighten it up artificially.  Feel free to let me know of any hints to make these look a bit better.

For anyone who is wondering, the reason I haven’t actually painted even a single Beastman is because I want to finish off the Orks I’m working on.  I am most of the way through a trukk, then I just need to do 3 warbikers, a wartrakk and a warbuggy.  After that, it’s on to the Beastmen.  In the meantime, I got another 20 Gors from eBay.  I think that they are probably these newer models, and they look to have plenty of bling on the sprues.  In an attempt to get an all-plastic army, I’m going to try and convert one of these into a Bray Shaman, if I can find one with sufficiently little armour on (which should be easy), and do some work with green stuff (not so easy).  My green stuff fu is weak, so it might not work out too well, but we’ll see soon enough.  If this experiment is successful, I’ll be converting a Beastlord and some Wargors out of Bestigors.  Watch this space.

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