Beastmen vs High Elves (1000 points)

Last night, I got a game in against Forkbanger‘s High Elves.  I used a similar army to the ones from before:

Great bray shaman, talisman of preservation, additional hand weapon (Lore of Beasts)

Wargor, BSB, talisman of endurance, heavy armour, shield

18 Gors, shields, champion, musician, standard bearer

12 Gors, additional hand weapon, champion, musician, standard bearer

Tuskgor chariot

10 Ungor raiders

3 Minotaurs, extra hand weapons

Forkbanger used this Sea Guard army, mainly because he’d just bought 40 Mantic Games Sea Guard models.

Archmage, some magic items (Lore of Heavens)

Mage, level 2, some other magic items (Lore of Death)

20 Sea Guard, full command

20 Sea Guard, full command

My Great Bray Shaman ended up with Wyssan’s Wildform, Flock of Doom and Transformation of Kadon.  Forkbanger’s Archmage got Urannon’s Thunderbolt, Comet of Casandora and Chain Lightning, while his mage got Spirit Leech and the Purple Sun of Xereus.  Since we’re only playing at 1000 points, we’ve been using a 4 x 4′ board, and only putting down D3+2 terrain pieces (as it happened, we just put down the terrain we had available, as Gary and Furycat were using some of it for a game of 40K).  So, the table looked like this, the swamp was a mist-wreathed swamp and the temple was a sorcerous portal.

We rolled our battle getting a pitched battle, and then went straight on with putting down our units.  Now that I do this up in Battle Chronicler, it looks like we might have started a little too close.

Anyway, Forkbanger finished first (not surprising given he only had 2 units),  but I ended up getting the first turn anyway.  I haven’t got much choice but to go for the throat, which will mean crossing that river.  Everyone just goes for it as fast as their little hooved legs will carry them, and the ambushing gors obligingly arrive on my left flank, wheeling to charge some Sea Guard next turn.  The ungors and minotaurs cross the river, and find that it’s a necrotic ooze – they’ll have poisoned attacks until my next turn, but it’s dangerous, and a few of the ungors don’t get out of the other side.  In the magic phase, the sorcerous portal puts Wyssan’s Wildform on the nearest unit of Sea Guard, but that’s about all that happens apart from some dispelling of Beast magic.  In fact, I don’t get a single spell off all game.  The sorcerous portal never does anything too interesting either, so I won’t mention it again.  The poisonous ungors manage to put a couple of arrows into Sea Guard, but it’s all a bit uneventful.

The unit of Sea Guard with the Archmage (SG1) reform and shuffle left, but still end up with their flank to the ambushing gor unit, although they have at least moved the chariot into the front arc.  The other unit stay still so that they can unleash hell on Forkbanger’s command.  The magic phase is where it gets exciting.  The Archmage fires off Urannon’s Thunderbolt at the chariot.  I let it go through, saving my dispel dice for Something Big, which I can see that Forkbanger is planning.  The chariot is duly turned into matchwood.  The Mage of Death decides that it’s Purple Sun time, and goes for the super-powered version.  It turns out that I might as well have used my dispel dice on the Thunderbolt, because this goes off with Irresistable Force – eek.  The sun rolls pitifully for distance, ending up right on top of the raiders, and fails to kill any of them (it turns out we should have kept it going so that it cleared them; I guess we’ll know for next time).  A better roll would have ended up right on top of the gor unit, so that was probably quite lucky.  The miscast goes nuclear, annihilating all but 4 of the Sea Guard and sucking the poor mage into the warp (they do pass their panic check though).  The bowfire from the Sea Guard is somewhat less impressive than planned (since there are only 4 left), but they do manage to kill another raider.

In the Beastmen turn, the ambushing gors charge the flank of Sea Guard 1, and the minotaurs try (but fail) a charge on what is left of Sea Guard 2, so they shamble forward a bit instead.  The gors reform, move and wheel  along the bank of the river to get further from the Purple Sun.  The raiders move toward the decimated remains of Sea Guard 2.  Magic is ineffective again (we only roll 3,1, and a High Elf magic item converts another power die into a dispel die), except that the Purple Sun makes a beeline directly back over the Ungor raiders and Sea Guard 2.  The few remaining raiders leave their statuesque friends behind and leg it for the board edge / pub (the elves all get out of the way), taking the shooting phase with them.  Combat is much more satisfying though, with the gors shredding half a dozen Sea Guard for the loss of only a couple of their number.  The Sea Guard break and run, hotly pursued (but not hotly enough) by the ambushers, which panics the previously stoic Sea Guard 2, who rashly set off toward the minotaurs.

Sea Guard 1, accompanied by the Archmage, manage to rally and reform to face the big block of gors snorting at them from across the river.  The other Sea Guard, perhaps not surprisingly given the day they’ve had, carry on running, finally making it into the welcoming maws of the minotaurs.  The Archmage goes for Comet of Casandora on the big gor unit, but doesn’t make the casting value, so that’s that for the masters of wizardry.

It’s just mopping up for the Beastmen now, so everyone left charges into the Sea Guard.  Wyssan’s Wildform is dispelled on the big gor unit, and although I have enough dice to have a go at Transformation of Kadon, I decide that the risk of blowing up most of my army with a miscast isn’t worth it, so I wuss out.  In combat, the High Elves are duly shredded, and although the Archmage survives, he breaks from combat and we call it a day.

Victory for the Beastmen!  Hurrah, my first win at Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  Admittedly, the game was pretty much over when the mage blew up half of the High Elf army, but a win is a win.  I did feel that I was playing a bit better than previous games, in particular keeping units in places they could support each other to some extent.  The ungor raiders were rather more interesting than the chaos hounds I tried before.   I’ve been very lucky so far with ambushing, so I expect that I’ll fall foul of late arrivals soon enough.

This was also the first time using Battle Chronicler, and I think it adds nicely to the battle report.  It seems fairly easy to use, and although I find it a bit of a bind moving units around without wheeling them, I think that’ll come with practice.

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