Gors assembled

I assembled the 12 gors I received, and they are mould-line-tastic.  It took me far longer than normal to put these guys together since I had to spend ages on each one cleaning them up.  Luckily, my painting skills are bad enough that it won’t really matter too much if I missed some bits.  I also decided to put some milliput in the joints between the arms and the bodies, which is a step I almost never take.  Anyway, here is my first every try at photographing models.  The weather here has been less than amazing, so even though I considered going outside for natural light, I just went with a couple of lamps.

Extra hand weapon gors

I’m still not sure what will be good and what won’t, so I assembled half of the gors with extra hand weapons, and half with shields.  This way it should be easier to mix them in with new edition models to get more variety in the units.  As you can see, I didn’t attach the banner for the standard bearer because I think it would get in the way while painting.  Strictly speaking, the standard bearer and musician have only a single weapon each, but I think that they are probably hard enough just to use their horns as extra weapons and headbutt their foes into submission.

Shield and hand weapon gors

Similarly, I haven’t put shields on these ones, because they’ll just get in the way while painting.

This lot are now outside having their black undercoat dry during a break in the showers.  It looks like the photography hasn’t worked out too well after all.  Well, it’s too late to re-do them now.  Still, grey plastic isn’t too exciting so it’s not a great loss.

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