The early games

So far, I have only played 3 games of Warhammer 8th edition, gaining the unedifying record of played:3; lost: 3.  It’s my general intention to post battle reports here when I play games that are interesting enough for me to make time to write about them.  However, I might as well note the story of my herd up to this point, even though I haven’t really taken any detailed notes of them.

Anyway, the games so far have been two defeats to Aramoro‘s Brettonians, and one to Forkbanger‘s High Elves.  My list at 1000 points has been variations on:

Great bray shaman, talisman of preservation (Lore of Beasts)

Wargor, BSB, talisman of endurance, heavy armour, shield


18 Gors, shields, champion, musician, standard bearer

12 Gors, additional hand weapon, champion, musician, standard bearer (ambushing)

Tuskgor chariot

10 chaos hounds


3 Minotaurs

On the whole, the main gor block, which runs with both characters has done fairly well.  It can hold most charges (which have mainly been by big Lance formations of Brettonian knights) and see them off with the combination of the character kicking arse and the gors providing rank bonuses; any kills the rank and file dudes manage is a bonus really.  By contrast, the hounds have yet to achieve anything, although I suspect that I’m not making the most of them; I get over-excited and just charge them forward as fast as they can go.  I like the chariot a lot, but after 3 charges so far, I’ve only managed 4 impact hits so I’m looking for a bit better performance next time.  As for the minotaurs, they’ve done alright (except against Forkbanger, where some Dragon Princes charged them and wiped them out before they even had a go), but so far it feels like I could get more value out of another big mob of gors.

So, have I learned anything?  Well, I think I should be rather more conservative with charges, instead of going for broke all the time.  Most of the time I’ve been too worried about getting lanced by knights, it might be that I’d be better off just setting up counter charges with the chariot or the minotaurs.  I’m thinking that the hounds might get replaced by ungor raiders next time out, especially if I can get the ungors assembled and based in time.  Wyssan’s Wildform (the signature spell from the Lore of Beasts) is great value, and so far I think I’ve cast it in just about every magic phase my Bray Shaman has been alive.

All of the games we have played so far have had one player on each side, and a third party just to look up rules from the titanic rulebook.  I’m planning to take it away for a weekend soon so that I might get more than just a cursory understanding of the rules.  Not only will that improve my list building (because I’ll have a better idea of what is good, rather than just picking stuff that sounds cool), but it should also speed up our games by a considerable margin.  The greater part of each game has been taken up by trying to find out what we’re doing at each stage.

In our gaming group, we have a running joke that painted models play better than unpainted models, getting better rolls of the dice etc.  If so, then my cardboard bases must be a real affront to the dice gods.  Or, maybe I just need to get a lot better at this game.

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