From the dark forests of the Old World…

…stumbles a brand new Beastlord, looking confused.

Hello world!

This is going to be a blog about my trials and tribulations using Beastmen in Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

So, why Warhammer Fantasy Battle?  Well, the group of gamers I play with decided en masse to give this game a go since there is a new (8th) edition out.  Many of us had played earlier editions, but even the most recent had stopped more than 10 years ago (and it was more than that for me).  We all play Warhammer 40K together, so we just picked an army each, and jumped in.  I picked Beastmen.

Why Beastmen?  They just look cool.  Plus, I like the idea of a bunch of bipedal goats rampaging around the villages of the Old World, trying to eat or despoil anything that they can get to stay still long enough.

Why a blog?  Some time ago, I was inspired by my friends’ blogs, – justinmatters’s and furycat’s, and I thought I might have a go, but I never did.  Yesterday, I stumbled across this blog (of a complete stranger) and it was pretty much what I’d been thinking of for a blog, combined with something to write about (i.e.  a new army in a new game system).

So, lets say ‘cheers’ to another blog destined not to be updated very often, and eventually forgotten.

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2 thoughts on “From the dark forests of the Old World…

  1. mdekwant


    Maybe I can help a bit. I have an app for android devices, with which you can create your beastmen army quickly. You can either search for it in the android market with “an armylist builder” or go to the site and use the top right menu option on your android device to go directly to the correct app in the android store.

    Or just visit the site and see what the app can do for you.

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks. I don’t actually have an android device, but if anyone else reads this who does and wants an army bulder to go with it then I’m sure they’ll be delighted to find that one exists.

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